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    Report: Tesla gets legal go-ahead to sell EVs in Pennsylvania
    Gov. Corbett Signs Pro-EV Bill Into Law 1407796140

    Tesla Motors has been fighting to sell cars in many states, but has come up against laws prohibiting the electric automaker to exercise its direct-to-consumer business model. Such has been the case in Pennsylvania. Recently, though, Tesla worked out a deal with the Pennsylvania senate to approve ...

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    Report: Pennsylvania, Tesla approach five-store compromise [UPDATE]

    In the Keystone State, the compromise number between zero and unlimited is five, apparently. Pennsylvania's Senate applied that math in an attempt to resolve the issue of allowing Tesla Motors to operate company-owned stores in the state. The senate this week unanimously voted for a bill that ...

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    Report: Lawmakers ask EPA to look into gas price increase as ethanol credits rise

    A pair of US lawmakers told the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that ethanol credits are leading to some deficits. Attempting to stem what they say could be an additional boost in gas prices prior to the busy summer-driving months, David Vitter (R-LA) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) are raising ...

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    Report: US House will get EV charging stations for plug-in driving Congressmen

    US House of Representatives members will soon have access to plug-in vehicle charging stations in their Washington DC parking garage after the government makes good on a pledge made last August to make such stations available to both House and Senate members. House members can pay either $27 a ...

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    Report: US 'fiscal cliff' deal extends biofuel incentives, includes support for e-scooters

    When the US Senate signed off on a budget agreement to (at least temporarily) avoid the so-called "fiscal clif," it stirred up plenty of debate among Democrats and Republicans. It is doing the same among those eying the biofuel industry. Here's how the green vehicle scene shakes out for now, ...

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    Report: A123, Wanxiang deal under scrutiny by Republican Senators

    Lithium-ion battery maker A123 Systems continues to be a source of drama and intrigue, from bankruptcy and court filings to investor relations and national security. Two US Senators want the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), led by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, ...

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    Why the Senate ethanol vote is less than it seems

    It's not often that you find environmental writers applauding the actions of Republicans in the Senate, but when 40 Republicans joined 33 Democrats in a bipartisan vote to shut down funding for ethanol subsidies earlier this month, even some on the left were cheering. However, those cheers may be ...

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    Report: Senate approves amendment to end ethanol subsidies

    Just days ago, we reported that the United States Senate rejected an amendment that would have put an end to the the $6 billion in tax breaks and subsidies for producers of corn-based ethanol. Now, we're here to convey the message that the Senate actually approved the amendment. Was our initial ...

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    Senate shoots down proposal to end ethanol subsidies

    Earlier today, the United States Senate rejected an amendment that would have put an end to the $6 billion in tax breaks and subsidies for producers of corn-based ethanol.
    Introduced by Senator Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma), the amendment was unable to martial the 60 votes needed to end debate in the ...

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    Senate votes down bill to end oil company subsidies, see how they voted and who gets oil money

    As expected, a Democratic bill that would have put an end to the multi-billion-dollar annual tax subsidies for oil companies Chevron, Shell, BP, ConocoPhillips and Exxon Mobil failed to overcome a Republican filibuster on Tuesday evening. The heavily partisan 52-in-favor, 48-against vote, fell ...

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    President Obama approves ethanol, biodiesel, plug-in charger tax credit extension

    On December 10th, the Senate voted to approve an $858-billion tax cut package that provides a significant amount of incentives for the clean vehicle sector. Late last Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives, by nearly a 2-1 margin, passed the bill, paving the way for President Obama to sign ...

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    House follows Senate; passes noise bill for EVs, hybrids

    Last week, the U.S. Senate unanimously voted to approve a measure that would require hybrids and plug-in vehicles to emit a sound to warn nearby pedestrians. After approving the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act of 2010, a measure backed by Democratic Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, the Senate ...

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    Ethanol, biodiesel, plug-in charger tax credit extension in the hands of Congress

    The tax-cut package, under debate by the Senate on Friday, includes a few stipulations that would, if passed, provide a boost for the biofuels industry. Wrapped within the tax bill is a provision that would extend, through 2011, the 45-cent-per-gallon ethanol tax credit that's set to expire on ...

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    EV bill offers $10M award to developer of battery with 500-mile range

    In case you haven't heard yet, there's a bill sitting in the House and Senate aimed at promoting the develop of electric vehicles. The bill is called the Electric Drive Vehicle Deployment Act of 2010. All sorts of measures are found within the bill which will undoubtedly help drive electric ...

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    Senate passes HIRE Act, which could bode well for cleaner transportation bills down the road

    As we said the other day, even with the debate over health care reform sucking the media's attention, the U.S. Senate is busy with a lot of non-HCR items. There's the debate over the EPA's endangerment finding with regards to greenhouse gases, for one. Another bit of transportation-related news ...

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    Cash For Clunkers gets $2B assist in the Senate; C.A.R.S. funded through Labor Day

    After a week of uncertainty and a lot of weighing in from all sides, C.A.R.S. (aka Cash For Clunkers) looks set to continue for another month, at least. The Senate confirmed the House's $2 billion funding of the incredibly popular program yesterday in a 60-37 vote, mostly on party lines. ...

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    Daily (Show) update on Cash For Clunkers, and a look into the future

    The foggy blur surrounding the fate of Cash For Clunkers (aka C.A.R.S.) is clearing up. On the political front, passage in the Senate of the extra $2 billion in funds now looks incredibly likely. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that the $2 billion would be enough to keep C4C running ...

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    Cash For Clunkers Daily Update: D.O.T. withholding info; Senate warms to more funding

    Another day, another bunch of news items about Cash For Clunkers (a.k.a. C.A.R.S.). With Friday's Senate recess date fast approaching, the Obama Administration is reportedly pushing the body's 100 members there to get their acts together and vote for more funding to keep the program alive. Two ...

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    House narrowly passes scaled-back 'Cash-for-Clunkers' legislation

    After the House and Senate agreed on the terms of a cut-down version of the Cash for Clunkers legislation, it passed the house on Tuesday by a narrow margin (226-202) after being added as a supplemental appropriations bill to continue funding the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.Per the previous ...

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    BREAKING: House, Senate reach terms on 'Cash for Clunkers' program - but only with $1B in funding

    According to The Detroit News, the House and Senate came to terms late last night on a $1 billion 'cash for clunkers' initiative. Part of a larger $106 billion wartime spending bill, the program is not yet law, as the finalized bill must be passed by Congress (it is expected to be voted on next ...


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