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seoul motor show

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    Official: Hyundai unveils E4U, an EV with eggs, at Seoul Motor Show

    "Goo Goo GaJoob," indeed. Those inscrutable Beatles lyrics from I Am The Walrus about eggmen and a million other things might just apply to the latest stab at the electromobility market by Hyundai. The South Korean automaker recently unveiled its, yes, egg-shaped, one-seat electric vehicle at the ...

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    Chevy Mi-ray wins "Best Concept Car" award at Seoul Motor Show

    Last week, General Motors unveiled its radically styled Chevrolet Mi-ray Concept at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show. The concept supposedly pays tribute to Chevy's sports car heritage while packing some seriously modern technology. The Seoul Motor Show Organizing Committee asked journalists to vote ...

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    Hyundai Blue2 fuel cell concept brings 'Intersected Flow' design to Seoul

    Hyundai is revealing its new Blue2 fuel-cell concept car at this week's Seoul Motor Show – a vehicle that the automaker hopes will help it gain "early leadership of the FCEV market." Does this mean that a production version of the Blue2 (pronounced: "Blue square") is on its way? It's hard ...

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    Chevrolet Mi-ray Concept to wow Seoul Motor Show

    General Motors says that its new Mi-ray Concept, which debuts at this week's Seoul Motor Show, pays tribute to the sports car heritage at Chevrolet. Specifically, GM points out that the Mi-ray is "small and open" like the 1963 Monza SS, and "light and purposeful" like the 1962 Corvair Super ...

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    Seoul Preview: Ssangyong to show C200, diesel hybrid

    Last year at the Paris Motor Show, Ssangyong showed off a concept CUV called the C200, and it's reportedly getting close to production. Despite the sorry state of affairs at the Korean automaker, a slightly revised version of the crossover will be shown at the upcoming Seoul Motor Show. Like the ...


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