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    Shai Agassi says EVs will be cheaper than ICE cars... sort of

    Renault Fluence Zero Emissions Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery
    We are all familiar with the technical issues facing the developers of electric cars, namely energy density and durability. However, the biggest problem likely to affect the mainstream adoption of EVs is cost. In ...

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    Why is Better Place's Shai Agassi not being more straightforward with WaPo?

    Shai Agassi wants to address the infrastructure side of the electric car problem. While electric cars can nominally be "fueled" by any electrical outlet, the fact is accessible outlets don't necessarily exist where most electric cars will be used in the near to mid-term. Batteries as they exist ...

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    Shai Agassi totally into what France is doing with EVs

    Shai Agassi likes what he's hearing from French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Sarkozy recently announced a plan to expand sustainable transportation infrastructure in France, including more money for electric vehicles. The founder of Project Better Place - and someone with an apparent inability to ...

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    Renault's electric car debuts in Tel Aviv

    digg_url = ''; It could be the quickest vehicle to go from concept to a public, drivable prototype in automotive history. As previewed, "Israelis got a first demonstration Sunday of the electric car that developers hope will ...

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    Shai Agassi to drive Project Better Place prototype on Sunday in Tel Aviv

    One of the launching points for Shai Agassi's Project Better Place is in Israel and it looks like the first tangible progress might be demonstrated this weekend. The CEO of PBP is planning to drive a prototype electric car that is being developed at around noon on Sunday at the Fairgrounds and ...

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    Deutsche Bank analysts say electric cars viable

    Deutsche Bank analysts took a serious look at the proposal of Project Better Place for electric cars in Israel and Denmark and came away impressed with its viability. The researchers returned to Germany believing that the Better Place idea would work not only in small countries with extremely high ...

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    Denmark to launch Project Better Place pilot program

    As our faithful readers are aware, we reported last November that the government of Denmark has been talking with Project Better Place about the possibility of setting up an electric car program along with a charging station network. Now comes word of the impending official announcement of the ...

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    VIDEO: Shai Agassi's speech on the future of electric cars

    Shai Agassi, founder and CEO of Project Better Place, gave an amazing speech at a New Democrat Network meeting recently. Want to know how Agassi's idea for electric cars got $200 million -- the "largest seed round of any venture in history?" Then you have to check out his speech below the fold ...

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    Firms Chosen in Israel to Develop "Better Place" Chargers

    Look, more signs that Project Better Place is taking root in Israel. Two companies have been chosen to implement the charging infrastructure designed by Better Place. Aran Research and Development Ltd. and Nekuda DM Ltd will develop and install the first of an intended 500,000 charging sites in ...

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    Notes from Project Better Place+Renault press conference

    Recently, I wrote about the Project Better Place+Renault press conference. Here are some interesting details from the two webcasts titled Press Conference and Media Q&A and linked to from the Project Better Place website. Renault-Nissan CEO, Carlos Ghosn says the cars will have a maximum price ...

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    Project Better Place+Renault deal grabs more headlines

    The video above is an interview with the Renault and Nissan (Renault has a 44.3% equity stake in Nissan) CEO, Carlos Ghosn by the Wall Street Journal. Ghosn says electric cars are 3-5 years away from "mass marketization," i.e that's when electric cars will make economic sense. The Wall Street ...

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    Shai Agassi: Israel will have 100,000 electric cars in 2 years

    Update: The Globes article has been removed and Shai has posted an entry to his blog denying this rumor.Globes is reporting that Shai Agassi, Project Better Place CEO, said Israel will have 100,000 electric cars by 2010. Shai said this at an annual Ministry of Finance budget department meeting ...


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