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    Exclusive: China sold only 7,000 electric automobiles in 2013
    Sales Likely To Increase, As Total Sudsidies Can Now Total $19,500 In Some Cities 1403878500

    The goal of the plan is to have five million EVs on the roads by the end of 2020. China is already the world's largest manufacturer of electric bicycles and electric tricycles, but no less than 13 automobile manufacturers in China offered 18 different models of electric automobiles in ...

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    Official: Tesla Uber alles in Shanghai
    EV Automaker, Ridesharing Company Giving Away Free Rides Next Week 1402840740

    Is anyone surprised that Tesla Motors is ready to disrupt the status quo even in little ways? If you are, then here's one more example: Tesla is partnering with Uber (which taxi drivers around the world are not happy with) in Shanghai to both give people free, 15-minute rides in the electric car. ...

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    Report: BMW just the latest automaker to realize China will want a lot of EVs

    News about China and cars isn't in short supply these days. With several of the world's largest cities, millions of cars on the road and huge problems with air pollution, it's no wonder that the nation is trying to make some changes. Along with decommissioning many of its aging vehicles, China is ...

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    Report: Could Tesla build EVs in China as soon as 2017?

    A 25-percent import tariff can certainly make an automaker take notice (to wit: Toyota). In Tesla's case, that means getting production capabilities on the ground in China as soon as possible. According to Bloomberg News, that could mean 2017. Or maybe not. Bloomberg, citing comments by Tesla ...

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    Report: BYD not happy with Shanghai's lack of support for its EVs

    BYD is not pleased with the way China's "new energy vehicle" campaign is being implemented in Shanghai. The Chinese automaker has complained about the way the city is making incentives for its air pollution initiative more available to local companies. The city denies any preference. Shanghai ...

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    Official: GM China shows off electrification efforts with wide range of e-powertrains

    As of earlier this year, China is General Motors' largest new vehicle market, as measured by new model sales. Given the company's focus on electrification, it makes sense that GM would want to show off some electrified vehicles there. That's just what happened as an "electrification workshop" in ...

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    Report: Fisker will start selling Karma in China in November

    The time difference between California and Beijing is quite a bit less than 11 months, but we doubt plug-in enthusiasts in China will quibble with that. Fisker Automotive, which in late 2010 reached an agreement with China Grand Automotive Group to have its Karma extended-range plug-in sports ...

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    Official: GM will launch Volt demonstration fleet in China this month

    There's nothing like the world's most populous country to jump-start lagging vehicle sales. General Motors will launch a demonstration fleet of Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in vehicles in China this month after the automaker's China division reached an agreement with the China Automotive ...

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    Report: Johnson Controls responds to accusations of excessive lead pollution in China

    Shanghai Johnson Controls International Battery has been in the spotlight after at least ten children were reportedly hospitalized in Shanghai's Kangqiao Industrial Zone due to ultra-high levels of lead in their blood. Initial reports suggest it was Johnson Controls' lead-acid battery production ...

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    General Motors and GE team up to accelerate plug-in vehicle deployment in China

    Two years after it was saved by a federal government bailout in the U.S., General Motors is over in China trumpeting its latest investments there. With its Chinese joint venture partner, Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corp. (SAIC), GM manufactures Buick, Chevy and Cadillac vehicles in China, ...

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    Report: Electric bus catches fire in Shanghai

    Not good. The third plug-in vehicle related fire in 2011 has come to our attention. This time, Reuters reports that an electric bus in downtown Shanghai, China caught fire while transporting passengers. The bus is reportedly manufactured by Shanghai Leibo – partner of Anhui Ankai Automobile ...

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    SAE International to hold 2011 Vehicle Battery Summit in Shanghai

    The SAE International 2011 Vehicle Battery Summit, to be held in Shanghai, China, will draw together some of the world's leading engineers, scientists and corporations to discuss breakthroughs in battery technology, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle commercialization efforts and China's pivotal ...

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    Shanghai offering free electric vehicle test drives

    From now until the end of time (well, maybe quite not that long), residents of Shanghai, China or, for that matter, anyone willing to venture to China's most populous city, can test drive electric vehicles free of charge, according to English People's Daily Online. At the opening ceremonies of ...

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    Shanghai: Luxgen shows Neora EV concept in Shanghai

    Luxgen is making a splash at the Shanghai Motor Show with the world debut of its Neora EV sedan shown here. Sporting a 180 kW induction motor, Luxgen says the car's electric powertrain will push the four-door to 60 miles per hour in an impressive 6.5 seconds. That may not be lightning quick, but ...

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    Ford outlines its electrified vehicle strategy for China

    Currently, Ford is showcasing several of its electrified models at the Shanghai Motor Show. In addition, the automaker has revealed its aggressive electrified vehicle plan for China. The Chinese debut of the Focus Electric, C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid and Fusion Hybrid at the Shanghai Motor ...

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    Audi A3 e-tron concept debuts in Shanghai [w/video]

    Audi rolled out yet another e-tron concept alongside the new Q3 in Shanghai, and what it lacks in power, it makes up for with efficiency, fuel economy... and weight. The original A3 sedan concept that bowed in Geneva came packing a modified version of the TT RS' turbocharged five-cylinder, ...

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    Peugeot SXC crossover hybrid concept coming to Shangai

    French automaker Peugeot has committed to rolling out a vehicle in China every year and, as such, will be unveiling its SXC (Shanghai Cross Concept) crossover concept at the Shanghai Motor Show later this week. The SXC crossover concept wasn't only designed for Shanghai, it was designed in ...

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    Buick Envision Concept touches down in Shanghai

    General Motors has rolled out a new hybrid SUV concept that's custom tailored for the Chinese market. The Buick Envision SUV Concept rolls together the future of the Tri-Shield's design language with a fuel-efficient drivetrain to give us all an idea of where brand is headed in the near future. ...

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    2012 Volkswagen Beetle is all-new without the pretense; diesel could offer 40 mpg highway

    Those lucky Oprah fans who were fortunate enough to be given a 2012 Volkswagen Beetle all those months ago now know what their new set of wheels will look like. Volkswagen has officially yanked back the sheets on the latest take on the 2012 Beetle. Longer and wider than its predecessor, the ...

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    LA, China team up for plug-in car data sharing

    At the beginning of this year, Los Angeles and Shanghai became part of an electric vehicle data sharing agreement between the U.S. Department of Energy and China's Ministry of Science and Technology. The information to be shared is related to electric vehicle (EV) usage such as where drivers take ...


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