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    Report: And now Tesla is apparently worth $20 billion

    August has been good to Tesla Motors – heck, all of 2013 has pretty much been an upswing – and the market value of the California electric-vehicle maker has now surpassed the $20 billion mark. Bloomberg News reports the stock, which is trading in the $165 neighborhood, is up almost ...

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    Official: Tesla stock reaches record high, brushes $53

    Tesla Motors shares hit a record high Tuesday morning, reaching almost $53 a share in NASDAQ trading before leveling off slightly to about $51 as of late this afternoon Eastern time. Tesla touched $52.92 shortly after the markets opened on Tuesday. Shares for the company, which went public at $17 ...

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    Official: Tesla seeks another $225 million through follow-on stock offering

    Tesla Motors is looking for history to repeat itself. The luxury electric-vehicle maker, which raised $226 million in its June 2010 initial public offering, is looking to raise another $225 million in equity through an additional stock offering. Last Friday, Tesla said it priced 6.93 million ...

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    Report: Tesla stock sale nets Abu Dhabi $113 million

    Talk about hedging your bets. Abu Dhabi National Energy (TAQA), which is majority owned by the emirate, netted $113 million from selling its seven percent stake in Tesla Motors recently, Arab News reports. Abu Dhabi, which gets most of its wealth from oil, doubled its investment in the Bay ...

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    Got money? Here's how Motley Fool says to invest in EVs

    Over at Motley Fool, Travis Hoium argues that there's a right way and a wrong way to jump on the electric vehicle investment bandwagon. According to Hoium, investments in firms on the infrastructure side make sense, so putting money in companies like AeroViroment and General Electric is a ...

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    Barron's: Zipcar stock steady around $26; prudent investors should steer clear

    Zipcar's initial public offering (IPO) earlier this month turned a concept – vehicles available for rent by the hour – into a $1.2 billion stock-market value, according to Barron's, America's so-called "premier" financial magazine. However, the car-sharing company, as we've pointed ...

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    Zipcar IPO a smash hit; car sharing company raises $174.3 million

    Despite its struggles – which you can read about here, here and here – Zipcar, one of the world's leading car sharing companies, has officially gone public. Zipcar's IPO yesterday raised $174.3 million with shares priced at a rather lofty $18 each. The company and its stockholders ...

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    Zipcar seeks IPO price of $14-$16 a share, wants to raise $89 million

    Despite its struggles – which you can read about here, here and here – Zipcar, one of the world's leading car sharing companies, is moving forward with plans to go public. Zipcar has amended its filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission and is now seeking an estimated $89.2 ...

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    Venture capitalists looking for wins from advanced battery start-ups, methanol fuel cells

    Even in a down economy, millions of dollars are flowing into start-up companies working on advanced batteries for plug-in vehicles and methanol fuel cells. Three companies operating in the less-sexy side of the new automotive industry – Seeo, CFX and Oorja Protonics – have all raised ...

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    Australian Biodiesel Group finding local market tough

    Australia's largest biodiesel producer, Australian Biodiesel Group, has announced that it is looking to raise AUD$15.9 million (US$12.4 million) to launch a new business plan after a difficult year in 2006. The money will be via a rights issue at 5c per share which values the company significantly ...

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    Pacific Ethanol stocks sale could be signs of trouble ahead

    Pacific Ethanol, a company we're mentioned before because they're building giant ethanol plants around the western side of the United States, sold on Friday five and a half million shares of its stock to private investors for about $5 less each than the $31.52 stocks were valued at Thursday. The ...


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