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    Official: Universite Laval wins Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2014 with 2,824 mpg

    At the 2014 Shell Eco-marathon Americas in Houston this past weekend, Canadian teams took the top two spots in the gasoline Prototype category. The winning team, from Université Laval, managed to hit 2,824 miles per gallon (mpg), just a few drops ahead of the second-place team, the ...

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    Read This: Energy industry's profits stumble in Q4 2013 as easy petroleum fades

    Big Oil has a lot more to worry about than fighting the biofuels industry over the Renewable Fuel Standard. Fourth quarter 2013 earning reports show that major oil companies haven't been as profitable lately as they used to be. Exxon Mobil, the largest US oil company, had its worst ...

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    Study: Shell predicts petroleum-powered cars will be 'nearly' gone by 2070 [w/video]

    "By 2070, the passenger road market could be nearly oil-free." That's the key line (for us, anyway) in a report out from Shell titled New Lens Scenarios. The oil giant is trying to understand the future (who isn't?) and to do that, it envisioned two possible futures, one called "Mountains" and ...

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    Official: Daimler, others promise 100 hydrogen stations in Germany in four years, 400 by 2023

    OK, this time they're really doing it. Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler is leading a collaboration between a half-dozen companies - including Air Liquide, Linde, OMV, Shell and Total - that will rapidly expand Germany's publicly accessible hydrogen refueling network in order to better spur the ...

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    Featured: Shell Eco-marathon

    An Oil Company Spends Big To Teach Students To Use Less The Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2013 is over, the winners declared. Thousands of excited students came to Houston last weekend with 140 cars and the winning team managed to get upwards of 3,580 miles per gallon. Now that the cars have been ...

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    Official: Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2013 winners wring 3,587 miles from one measly gallon

    On a sunny, at times windy weekend in downtown Houston, TX, 131 vehicles competed in the Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2013, racing round and round Discovery Green for two full days. All told, they used like a gallon of gasoline. The headline winner rocked 3,587 miles per gallon, which was the ...

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    Exclusive: Shell Eco-marathon: Day 2, students get creative under pressure

    Watching the Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2013 is, to be honest, kind of boring. Yes, the vehicles are all interesting and unusual, but they don't go very fast, you only see them on the track for a brief moment (there's no live video feed) and the ones competing against each other aren't even ...

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    Exclusive: Shell Eco-marathon 2013: Notes from Day 1, will 2,545 mpg be beat?

    The Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2013 kicked off in Houston, TX this morning with a twist on the usual: Ladies and gentlemen, start your fuel-efficient engines. The area around Discovery Green was buzzing with high school and college students, all here with one mission: go as far as possible on as ...

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    Report: Petrobras drillship attacked by pirates off coast of Africa

    Pirates? Terrorists? You make the call. gCaptain reports that just months after arriving on location, the Petrobras-owned Ocean Rig Poseidon was recently attacked while drilling for oil off the coast of Tanzania, Africa. Officially, Tanzania's Registrar of Ships released this statement:


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    Shell, Cosan formalize creation of Razien sugarcane ethanol JV

    In one of the biggest biofuel deals to date, Shell, along with Cosan – one of the world's leading producers of sugarcane-based ethanol – has launched a multi-billion dollar joint venture (JV) to become a leading producer of the low-carbon biofuel. Named Raízen, this massive ...

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    Shell VP says global CO2 policy is a necessity

    A global CO2 emissions policy is "urgently needed" if the world is to avoid political issues in the future, according to Shell. Late last week, during a presentation in Australia, Shell vice-president of global business environment, Jeremy Bentham, warned that the goal of keeping global warming ...

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    Shell to begin construction of Prelude floating liquefied natural gas facility

    Shell's latest fossil-fuel-extracting vehicle will dwarf every U.S. naval ship. The Prelude Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) facility will be nearly one-third of a mile long and tip the scales at up to 600,000 tons. That's six times heavier than the U.S.' largest aircraft carrier. In ...

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    Senate votes down bill to end oil company subsidies, see how they voted and who gets oil money

    As expected, a Democratic bill that would have put an end to the multi-billion-dollar annual tax subsidies for oil companies Chevron, Shell, BP, ConocoPhillips and Exxon Mobil failed to overcome a Republican filibuster on Tuesday evening. The heavily partisan 52-in-favor, 48-against vote, fell ...

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    EPA says Shell's Alaskan drilling plans close to receiving final approval

    In early May, Shell presented its oil-drilling proposal to the U.S. government, seeking permission to drill ten exploratory oil wells in Alaskan waters. Now comes word that Shell, with assistance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is ever so close to developing an essential air ...

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    Obama to let oil drilling escalate in Alaska [w/video]

    As part of a broad plan aimed at blunting critics who say the President isn't doing enough to address soaring energy prices, Barack Obama announced during his weekly radio address on Saturday that drilling for oil in Alaska – a state that's thought to have vast oil reserves – will ...

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    Toyota announces opening of U.S.' only pipeline-fed hydrogen fueling station

    Yesterday, Toyota Motor Sales celebrated the grand opening of the U.S.' only pipeline-fed hydrogen fueling station. The station, a collaborative effort between Toyota, Air Products, Shell, South Coast Air Quality Management District and the Department of Energy, is located adjacent to Toyota's ...

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    Shell trying to convince Obama to let it drill for oil in Alaskan waters

    Later this week, Shell Oil will present its ambitious oil-drilling proposal to the U.S. government, seeking permission to drill ten exploratory oil wells in Alaskan waters. The ice-clogged Arctic region is thought to have vast oil reserves. Over the past five years, Shell has worked to convince ...

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    Shell Eco-marathon rises to the challenge, students get 2,564.8 mpg [w/video]

    In the 2011 Shell Eco-Marathon Americas, a competition that challenges high school and college students to design vehicles that use the least amount of energy, the team from Université Laval in Quebec, Canada captured first place in the "Internal Combustion" category with an astonishing ...

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    Shell gets approval to drill three deepwater wells in Gulf of Mexico

    It's near impossible to forget that back in April of 2010, the Deepwater Horizon burst into flames, sunk into the sea and spewed oil for months. In early May, President Obama declared that no additional deepwater drilling efforts would commence until measures were in place to prevent this type of ...

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    Shell pushes lubrication boundaries with fuel-saving 0W-10 synthetic motor oil

    Most modern automobile engines run with either 5W-20 or 5W-30 weight motor oil lubricating their internals. While these two oil viscosities have been shown to adequately protect an engine's moving parts, a lower-weight lubricant (0W-10, for example) could theoretically boost a vehicle's fuel ...


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