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    ETC: This is the sci-fi technology the oil industry needs to stay afloat [w/video]

    There are some cool things about the oil industry. Well, one at least. This is the Dockwise Vanguard heavy marine transport vessel, and it is a marvel. It is 900 feet long, 230 feet wide, and can carry a total of 117,000 metric tons (that's almost 258 million pounds!). That is enough to carry an ...

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    Report: Li-ion vehicle batteries pose problems when being shipped

    Delivery companies like FedEx and UPS espouse the virtues of lithium ion batteries, but only when the packs are inside hybrid or electric vehicles. Delivering li-ion batteries is another story. Li-ion batteries pose safety threats and additional challenges when the are being shipped because of ...

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    Study: NOAA finds air pollution plummets by up to 90% when ships switch to low-sulfur fuel

    In 2010, a team of researchers led by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) mounted instruments on an aircraft and the vessel Atlantis to capture emissions from container ships off California's coast. The team found that as container ships shifted from bottom-of-the-barrel ...

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    CARB fines two cargo ships $53,000 each for using illegal fuel

    The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has fined two shipping companies for failing to switch from bottom-of-the-barrel bunker fuel to clean-burning, low-sulfur fuel when sailing within 24 miles of California's coast, as required by state law adopted back in 2008. CARB conducts an estimated ...

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    A single container ship may emit as much as 50 million cars

    Governments around the world have been cracking down on emissions from cars in recent years trying to reduce noxious and greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, even if all the cars on the planet were completely eliminated from the roads, less than 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, and far ...

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    Expensive gas worries GM purchasing chief

    It's no secret that the auto industry's most profitable vehicles are also the hardest hit when gasoline prices climb past consumers' comfort levels. Bo Andersson, the man behind GM's purchasing decisions, says that the tipping point currently hovers around $3.30 a gallon. At that price, sales start ...

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    Fuel cells could reduce emissions from ocean going shipping

    With the dramatic increase in international trade in the past couple of decades, particularly between China and North America, ocean shipping traffic has gone up along with the emissions from those ships. Recent studies have shown that shipping is generating almost as many emissions as road ...

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    Kite sails could help lower ship emissions and fuel mileage

    A while back, I visited San Francisco, and for the first time in my life, I witnessed people using huge kits as sails to lift themselves up out of the water. I was suitably impressed, I must say, and thought that the sport looked like fun. Personal anecdote aside, it seems that these large kite ...

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    Nation's largest ports attend "Faster Freight - Cleaner Air" conference

    Port representatives from around the U.S. are currently attending the third Faster Freight - Cleaner Air (FFCA) conference which examines technologies and processes designed to reduce the environmental impact of all sectors of the goods movement industry (rail, trucking, marine, off-road equipment ...


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