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    Report: In a switch, Teamsters now support Uber drivers in US
    Rideshare Drivers May Soon Form An Association 1403821800

    It was just two weeks ago that the Teamsters issued a statement supporting European taxi drivers in their protest against those newfangled rideshare drivers who use the Uber app. But in Los Angeles this week, Teamsters stood with Uber drivers. What's going on here? Turns out, Teamsters Local 986 ...

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    California establishes ridesharing rules, including background checks

    It is a time for new rules. On top of the EPA's proposed regulations for coal power plants, there are reports out of California that the ridesharing industry will need to sit down and digest a new 76-page rule document. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has approved ridesharing ...

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    Ride sharing expands car sharing services, competes with taxis

    There's a new niche emerging for car sharers like Zipcar and peer-to-peer entities: ride sharing. The way ride sharing works is that a car owner, perhaps for additional income, offers a ridealong to those willing to pay. Those interested can schedule a ride share through their smart phone. The ...

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    Official: SideCar puts car sharing, hitchhiking, personal taxis into new app

    How many ride shares does it take to emerge from beta testing? If you're the San Francisco-based company SideCar, then it's somewhere north of 10,000. That's how many rides around the Bay Area that SideCar has helped organize since kicking off in the middle of February. The peer-to-peer car ...

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    It's Friday: Oddball sidecar outfits redefine the word 'hybrid'

    Vespa-based sidecar - Click above for high-res image gallery
    There's more than one way to attach a sidecar to a motorcycle. Proving that point are the three oddball machines you see here. We're a bit partial to the Vespa you see above for the absolute potential of zero-emissions motoring provided ...

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    More transportation alternatives, this time plucked from Kneeslider

    Triazuma, Quadrazuma (click here for Autoblog coverage) and GG-Quad (here for Autoblog)? What do they all have in common, besides the sorta-funny names? These are all vehicles which are based on motorcycles, but with more than the standard two wheels. None of these machines leans, and it is clear ...


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