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    Official: Renovo Coupe electric supercar offers 500 HP for just $529,000 [w/video]
    Entering Limited Production In 2015 1408141440

    What you're looking at there, a Shelby Daytona decked out in classic glorious blue with white racing stripes, is the just-revealed, all-electric 2015 Renovo Coupe. Renovo calls it, "America's First All-Electric Supercar." We call it dope. Here's why: powered by a lithium-ion battery pack and ...

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    Recharge Wrap-up: EVs poll well in Portland, Tesla seeks office space
    San Francisco Mayor's Chevy Volt Is Ticket Magnet 1407247020

    In a poll of drivers in Portland, more than 80 percent said they would be driving an EV in the next 10 years if they weren't already. The poll was small and not scientific, with just 218 votes cast, but it does reflect a slice of a certain population with changing attitudes toward electric ...

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    Tango EV is an excellent little sight gag in Silicon Valley [w/video]

    I haven't been watching HBO's new nerd comedy Silicon Valley, but I should have known that anything from the brain of Mike Judge (Beavis and Butt-head, Idiocracy) is likely to be pretty funny. People sure seem to like it, and if a sight gag from the pilot episode is any indication, the producers ...

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    Read This: Silicon Valley workplaces rage when there are more EVs than charging stations

    Silicon Valley has become a hub of workplace charging. In fact, if one of these San Francisco bay area technology companies doesn't offer that particular perk, they're likely to lose talented staff to competitors. Reports from the Valley say that there's a new kind of problem growing for ...

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    Official: Better Place swaps US, Australia operations for a focus on Israel, Denmark

    Better Place, the electric-vehicle battery-swapping technology developer, is swapping out its US and Australia operations to save cash and will focus its efforts on Denmark and Israel. The company, which had operated offices in California's Silicon Valley, referred to Denmark and Israel as "its ...

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    Report: California Coda dealer drops all-electric Sedan price to $25,000

    Retail experts have long said that the best time to get discounts is right after Christmas. That's apparently the case for prospective Coda Sedan electric vehicle buyers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Coda Silicon Valley, which is located in Santa Clara, CA, was recently offering the EVs for a ...

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    Official: Getaround officially starts peer-to-peer car-sharing service in Portland

    Getaround, the Silicon Valley peer-to-peer car-sharing service that launched last year, officially debuted the service in Portland, OR, this week and said the U.S. government will conduct a car-sharing study that will pay people as much as $300 to rent out their cars. The company, unlike ...

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    Renault-Nissan to open advanced engineering and research lab in Silicon Valley

    As part of its drive to focus on sustainable technologies, advanced engineering and the zero-emissions vehicles of the future, the Renault-Nissan Alliance is opening a research lab in Silicon Valley, CA, right across the street from Google's headquarters. We suppose it doesn't hurt that Google ...

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    Magnetic Air Car "does not violate the laws of energy conservation or the basic principles of thermodynamics"

    When a news article about a new car starts with this line – "Vehicle currently in development requires no fuel, no external charging" – it makes us worry. We're not exactly big fans of vaporware made of unobtanium. So, it is with skepticism that we read about a new compressed air car ...

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    Will Indianapolis or San Francisco be the electric car capital of the US?

    Photo of downtown Indianapolis by Serge Melki. Licensed under CC license 2.0.
    Silicon Valley wants to be the new Detroit. Meanwhile, Indianapolis wants to be the new Silicon Valley. That seems to be the gist of opposing reports, in the Indianapolis Star and the National Post, on the electric car ...

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    Is Silicon Valley the Detroit of electric cars?

    San Jose Mercury News asked an interesting question in a recent article: "Silicon Valley is already the capital of the world's high-tech industry. Is it also becoming the Detroit of the electric car industry?" The San Jose Mercury News article includes an interview with Shai Agassi of Project ...

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    All our energy problems solved courtesy of Silicon Valley?

    Have we been looking in all the wrong places for a solution to our energy crisis? Writer Stan Beer writes a short history of Tesla Motors and the Tesla Roadster (which should be familiar to readers of this site), and sees the benefit the Silicon Valley crowd can give to all of us who drive. Even ...


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