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    SIM-Drive's latest wheel-motored prototype is a sporty coupe

    In Japan, it seems the fourth time's a charm. Meet SIM-HAL, the latest prototype from SIM-Drive and its partners. Like its three predecessors – the SIM-LEI, SIM-WIL, and SIM-CEL – this all-electric vehicle is a rolling exercise in efficiency and performance that depends upon a motor ...

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    Sim-CEL has Tesla-quick performance, lasers for high beams

    Sim-Drive continues to move towards its goal of evolving the gloriously fantastical all-electric eight-wheeled Eliica into a mass-produced passenger vehicle by 2015. Introducing the SIM-CEL (Cool Energy Link), the third iteration in the Sim series of prototypes. At first blush, this latest ...

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    New SIM-WIL electric prototype has 218 mile range, in-wheel motors [w/video]

    With plans to bring an electric vehicle to market by 2014, Sim-Drive is closing in on a final design for its aerodynamic, in-wheel-motored passenger car. Looking a little less Star Wars-inspired than the previous SIM-LEI prototype, the new SIM-WIL has now been revealed and is said to have a ...

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    Video: The Sim-Lei is an EV approved for use on the Death Star

    Looking for all the world like an elongated Mitsubishi i MiEV that a Stormtrooper would drive, the SIM-LEI recently made an appearance at the 2011 Electric Vehicle Industrial Exhibition in Tokyo. It's been a while since we first caught wind of the SIM-LEI and we've been curious to get a better ...

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    SIM-LEI electric prototype manages 207 miles (!) on Japan's JCO8 test cycle

    Sim-Drive has unveiled its Advance Development Model No. 1. Nicknamed "SIM-LEI," (LEI being an acronym for leading efficiency in-wheel motor) the electric prototype has exceeded the target of at least 300 kilometers (186 miles) of range on a single charge. How far can it go? 333 km (207 miles), ...

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    Japanese automakers interested in Eliica EV technology?

    Hiroshi Shimizu is an inventor, and his electric Eliica concept car actually works. In fact, with eight wheels, each powered by its own electric motor, the $5 million EV can reportedly hit 60 miles per hour in just four seconds and has a ridiculous top speed of 200 mph. It's safe to say that ...

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    Meet SIM-Drive, the ¥1.5 million ($16,700) Japanese electric vehicle plan

    Hiroshi Shimizu, the Japanese EV specialist behind the spectacular, eight-wheeled Eliica has announced the creation of SIM-Drive. This new manufacturer intends to sell electric vehicles in Japan that cost less than ¥1.5 million (about $16,700 US), opening the door to low-cost electric motoring. ...

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    Eliica - the most electric thing on eight wheels

    Click above image for a gallery of the Eliica
    There simply has to be a word missing in the most recent press release about the unusual eight-wheeled Eliica electric car. The release ends with the line: "The team would like to receive corporate sponsorship to build 200 of the four-passenger ...


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