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single wheel

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    A human powered one-wheeled Segway?

    Say what you will about the Segway, but perhaps it was a vehicle just a bit ahead of its time. Consider its record sales in the face of record high gasoline prices as proof positive that consumers are looking for ways to get around without using fossil fuels pumped into tanks. There is certainly ...

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    Friday Humor: How to reduce the fuel consumption of a motorcycle even further

    How to further reduce the fuel consumption of a motorcycle:Step One: Find a motorcycle.Step Two: Disassemble motorcycleStep Three: Reassemble motorcycleStep Four: Hmmm... Where was this other wheel supposed to go?We're not sure if those were the exact steps taken to arrive at the vehicle you see ...

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    Picture a one-wheeled Harley-Davidson running nitrous...

    Being quite enamored by our recent posts regarding three-wheeled motorcycles as alternative transportation, and bolstered even further by our recent find of two-wheeled cars, I decided to check out the possibility of one-wheeled motorcycles. I don't have much information besides these pictures, ...


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