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single-charge range

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    Report: Next Audi R8 E-Tron could have 280-mile range

    Just 265 miles of range on a single charge? Meh. That's what the folks at Audi might be saying about the Tesla Model S and its estimated range. Because the German automaker says the next iteration of the R8 E-Tron could go 450 kilometers on a charge, or about 281 miles. This information comes ...

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    Report: Tesla Model S goes 388 miles on 'normal' drive in Holland

    You can't chalk this one up to Dutch windmills and an extra push they may have theoretically given an electric car. Instead it's just plain electric power. A team of students from the Netherlands was able to wring a whopping 388 miles out of a Tesla Model S on a single charge, but instead of any ...

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    Official: Tesla Model S will gain range in "sleep mode" software update

    Tesla figures owners of its Model S all-electric sedan will happily trade a little dashboard start-up speed for a few more miles of range. That's the crux of a software update from the luxury EV maker that will include a so-called "sleep mode." That mode powers everything off when the car is shut ...

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    Report: Coda approaches 110 miles in Bay Area test drive

    At least one person – a New York Times reviewer – has found that the Coda Sedan gets pretty impressive mileage out of a single charge. The tester reported reaching almost 110 miles on a single charge during a test drive. The Coda was driven on a 79-mile round trip on one day, and had ...

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    Report: Consumer Reports unhappy with real-world, 59-mile range from Mitsubishi i

    Say what you will about the EPA, but when it comes to measuring single-charge ranges of the Mitsubishi i and Nissan Leaf battery-electric vehicles, they seemed to get it right. Consumer Reports, whose editors have been driving both an i and a Leaf since the beginning of the year, says it's been ...


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