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smart electric vehicle

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    Official: Daimler says third-gen Smart Fortwo electric is the EV drivers asked for

    Daimler talked about the start of production for the next-generation Smart Fortwo ED last week, but waited until today to give more details on the electric-drive city car (standard details here or below). With a bigger motor from EM-motive, higher top speed (75 miles per hour) and more range (90 ...

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    Report: Next-gen Smart Electric Drive delayed until fall of 2012

    Daimler is getting ready to beef up the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive for the third-gen version, but the new EV won't be arriving on schedule, according to new reports. The problem has something to do with the lithium-ion batteries. The cells are being made by Li-Tec and a Daimler spokeswoman told ...

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    Report: Renault-Nissan, Daimler working on pair of electric vehicles for 2014 debut

    There's now word that the Daimler AG and Renault-Nissan tie-up, a collaborative deal that was made official back in April of 2010, is set to expand to include a compact Infiniti model that will feature a platform developed by Mercedes-Benz as well as a pair of electric vehicles. These are all ...

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    Smart USA delivers first all-electric ED to Army Major EV-fan

    Smart ED – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As promised, Smart has delivered the first retail second-generation Fortwo Electric Drive (ED) in the U.S. The vehicle was handed over today at the home of Mindy Kimball of Silver Spring, MD by none other than Penske Automotive ...

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    Smart to announce U.S. delivery schedule of Fortwo Electric Drive soon

    Smart ED – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Back in June of 2010, Smart showed off the second-generation Fortwo Electric Drive (ED) model. At that time, the automaker revealed that 250 EDs would ship stateside, with the first deliveries scheduled for that October. The asking ...

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    Hertz will rent all-electric Smart EDs starting next week

    Smart ED – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Let's see, Hertz will rent out the all-electric Coda Sedan in California next year, has a low-CO2 "Green Collection" in Europe and is looking forward to offering the Nissan Leaf in that car's early target markets in 2011. So, it shouldn't ...

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    Smart ForTwo sales drop dramatically, can electric version lift the brand?

    2009 Smart ForTwo Cabriolet – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's really no secret that sales of the gas-powered Smart Fortwo have dwindled down to almost nothing in the U.S., but when you put some numbers up, the Fortwo's slump becomes even more apparent. During the small car's ...

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    250 Smart EDs coming to U.S. this fall with $599/month leases attached

    Smart ED – Click above for high-res image gallery
    This is a post about the numbers. Here are three important figures about the second-gen all-electric Smart ED that was on display in New York City yesterday: 250 units are coming to the U.S. starting in October 2010 Leases will be ...

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    AFVI 2010: Smart ED makes its U.S. debut

    Smart ED – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The first car that caught our eye on the AFVI Expo floor in Las Vegas was, well, the first Smart Fortwo of its type in the U.S. This is the all-electric Smart ED, which is currently being tested in Berlin and London. It will begin on-road ...

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    Detroit 2010: Smart USA's Jill Lajdziak says lifestyle message can boost sales

    During the blur of the Detroit Auto Show this week, we checked in with fresh Smart USA president Jill Lajdziak to see what the boss has to say about her new job, sales of the fortwo in the U.S. and what's up with the all-electric Smart Ed. Lajdziak only recently joined up with Penske Automotive ...

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    Smart Ed's cell phone connection; RWE offering 22 kW home chargers

    smart ed- Click above for high-res image gallery
    When the first second-generation Smart Eds were handed over to customers in Berlin last week, Daimler and German utility RWE also announced a few details about how the all-electric ForTwos can interact with with the Internet. Smart Ed drivers are ...

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    2nd-gen Smart Ed driven, still not ready for its close-up

    Smart Ed - click above for high-res image gallery
    There has been considerable hope that electrifying the Smart ForTwo would dispense with the micro-car's poor driveability and allow people to use the urban runabout more comfortably. Unfortunately, it appears that even with new lithium ion energy ...

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    Electric Smart Fortwo gets shot in Berlin

    The next-generation Smart Ed, which just started production in France this week, is out and about on the streets of Berlin being filmed for some sort of promotional video, we think. Treehugger spotted the little all-electric city car zipping around the famous Siegessäule (victory column) ...

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    Smart ED production kicks off at Hambach plant

    Smart ED production - click above for high-res image gallery
    Earlier this week, Daimler launched production of the new generation Smart electric drive at the Hambach, France plant where all Smarts are built. The first stage of production will see the plant build a run of 1,000 of the ...

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    Pics Aplenty: second-gen smart ed goes extra green

    Second generation smart ed - click above for high-res image gallery
    To go along with yesterday's announcement that the second-generation smart ed will go into production in November, Daimler has released a bunch of new pics of the all-electric city car. Of particular interest are the reworked ...

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    REPORT: second wave of elecric smart fortwos will be cheaper, available in 2010

    smart ed - Click above for high res image gallery
    Currently, fleets in the UK that are testing the all-electric smart ed have to pay Daimler £380 per month per car for the privilege. When the next-generation test vehicles arrive in 2010, Daimler hopes to get the per-month lease cost down to ...

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    smart gives electric drive version the green light

    smart ed - Click above for high res image gallery
    Mitsubishi and Subaru were the first to start production, but the list of major automakers that are going electric is growing. As rumored, the Daimler is adding its name to the list with an announcement today that the smart ed "is ready for small ...

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    All-electric smart ed gets green light in UK for 2012

    smart ED - Click above for high-res image gallery
    According to Channel 4 in the UK, the electric smart fortwo will be storming that country in full force by the year 2012. For what it's worth (which is probably a lot to Daimler), that date coincides perfectly with the UK government's plan to begin ...

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    Detroit 2009: smart ed moving to production, will come to the US

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the smart ed
    We got our first look at the new smart ed for America yesterday (well, actually, it's just a European smart ed that's been brought over the pond). Daimler has now released details of just how Americans will be getting our hands on the vehicle ...

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    smart ed coming to Detroit 2009

    We know that smart sold over 20,000 units of the fortwo in the US this year, so it's proven to be a popular car for its market. In LA last month, we saw the new Brabus edition and now we can get our own pics of an electric smart fortwo when the doors to the Detroit Auto Show open in about two ...


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