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smart grid

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    Recharge Wrap-up: Charging in Iceland, Smart "For" campaign, Honda open sources Smart Home
    Researchers working on universal chargers 1405101420

    Iceland's EV charging network is expanding by 200 units. A subsidiary of Northern Lights Energy called EVEN is providing and installing the rapid chargers, which it hopes to have installed by the end of the year. EVEN's Gísli Gíslasson says, "We couldn't wait for the government and ...

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    Official: Cadillac ELR will be smart-grid ready from day one

    General Motors just might have figured out a good way to go head-to-head with its luxury electric vehicle competitors, the Tesla Model S and BMW i3 – throw fancy new smart energy and cloud-based connections into the deal. GM says the extended range Cadillac ELR will be "Smart Grid ready" as ...

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    Los Angeles: Mitsubishi, USC partner on smart grid study with 12 i electric vehicles

    Trying to do its part to enhance both the smart grid and public safety, Mitsubishi announced last week it will support a smart grid demo project at the University of Southern California (USC) and its Viterbi School of Engineering. Mitsubishi will provide USC with 12 all-electric i vehicles to be ...

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    First Drive: Chevy Spark Electric Vehicle Prototype

    Why This Little Car Previews Big Things For GM General Motors representatives handed out a lot of press releases in Sausalito, CA this week as part of GM's Electrification Experience. There was one about the company's plans to sell 500,000 vehicles with "electrification" by 2017. There was one ...

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    Video: SAE Congress: GE charges up Nissan's EV plans

    Nissan and GE shared a booth at the SAE World Congress in Detroit recently to emphasize the way the two companies want to connects your car and various appliances to the emerging smart grid. The common piece of equipment is the new WattStation, which is an electric vehicle charging station that ...

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    Report: BMW, Tendril will build demonstration home 'wired' for ActivE electric vehicle

    BMW and Boulder, CO-based energy management company Tendril will build a demonstration home designed to power BMW's ActiveE electric vehicle while minimizing the home and the car's carbon footprint, the New York Times reported. The home, which will be built at BMW's San Francisco Bay Area ...

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    Southern California Edison's roadmap charts a course to the smart grid

    If you're going to drive from your home to somewhere you've never been before, it pays to have a map. And, if you're going to turn a region from a place where electric vehicles are a niche market and electrical power comes from a few large plants into one where EVs are the rule and power is far ...

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    GM, OnStar kick off real-world smart grid tests with Carolina utilities

    At the Plug-In 2011 Conference in Raleigh, NC today, General Motors announced it is going to get into the real-world smart grid game with a new pilot program. The test will involve a number of Chevy Volts and GM's OnStar service. 27 Volts are headed to local utilities and GM says that "hundreds ...

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    DOE says 5 million smart meters installed in U.S.

    Modernizing the U.S.' antiquated electrical grid is a task that will likely take decades to complete, but at least we're off to a good start with more than five million smart meters installed nationwide, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Smart meter technology allows consumers to ...

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    It's payback time from your "Cashback Car"

    Connected And Networked Electric Vehicles Have The Potential To Make EVs Viable Without Huge Incentives. The problem with lithium-ion batteries is that they're just still too costly. And heavy. And large. When the electric vehicles (EVs) that those batteries are installed in are actually being ...

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    ClipperCreek, Jetlun team up to offer smart grid capable electric vehicle chargers

    Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment manufacturer ClipperCreek, Inc. has teamed with Jetlun Corporation, an energy management solutions provider for homes and businesses, to offer a smart grid capable EVSE that allows charging station owners to access and control numerous features remotely. ...

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    DOE: Two million smart meters now installed in national grid

    Modernizing the U.S. electrical grid is a task that will most likely take decades to complete. At least we're getting started now, with more than two million smart meters installed nationwide, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Smart meter technology enables consumers to monitor their ...

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    Smart grid deployment suffers setback in Maryland, shows more public education is needed

    Right now, plug-in vehicles can operate just fine using standard outlets and infrastructure. Sure, they like higher voltage outlets to charge in less time, but if you can charge your cell phone you can – somehow, maybe with a little effort – charge your car. The big promise of plug-in ...

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    Burlington Hydro gets a REV for its GridSmartCity initiative [w/VIDEO]

    Burlington Hydro Inc gets a REV 300 ACX from Rapid Electric Vehicles - Click above to watch video after the jump
    With the coming of electric vehicles (EVs) into the transportation mix, grids are going to have to become smarter to handle the extra load. Burlington Hydro Inc. (BHI) in Ontario, ...

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    GridPoint rep: How battery leases can help increase electric vehicle ownership

    Th!nk City - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Some automakers are toying with the idea of leasing the batteries of their electric vehicles (EVs) when they sell their wares on the market (Think, for example). Others, like Nissan, have decided that this arrangement is too complicated and just ...

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    Future Threat: Black hat erasatz hack attack hits homes on smart-grid

    As the deft stroke of a finger from a black-hatted hacker's hand depressed a key, the lights dimmed and electric apparati cease operating in 68 percent of homes connected to America's smart grid. Washing machines stopped washing and cars stopped charging as the attack continued to issue forth for ...

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    GM: First-gen Volts won't communicate with grid, future versions will

    2011 Chevy Volt - Click above for a high res image gallery
    One of the many intriguing aspects of electric car ownership is the ability to choose where, when and how to charge the vehicle's batteries. In most areas, electric utility rates vary widely depending on the time of day, with the least ...

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    Smart charger for plug-in vehicles developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

    Automakers are working with various electric utilities around the world to figure out how to best integrate vehicle with the grid. One of the requireents for the coming flood of plug-in cars is a way to smarten up the cars' energy use. A research team at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest ...

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    Plug-In Ecosystem update: in the pre-Volt era, GM working with dozens of utilities to build plug-in communities

    During the Washington Auto Show in February, GM announced that cities like San Francisco and DC were likely going to be the first to get the Volt roll-out. Today, GM gave an update on how it is helping to bring about the infrastructure for the Volt and other Voltec vehicles - oh, and the rest of ...

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    Electric vehicle-to-grid network arrives in Newark, DE

    Newark, DE has gotten the green light for one of the first two-way Vehicle to Grid infrastructure. Sponsored by a $730,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, the project helps the state and the University of Delaware to purchase specially-equipped cars (retrofitted versions of the Scion xB) ...


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