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    Official: Car2go turns your smartphone into carsharing key with Mobile Access
    You No Longer Need A Card To Share A Car 1416859140

    For all the smarts in the Smart cars used in Car2go, the cars haven't been smart enough to talk to users' smart phones. At least, not in the way you might want them to talk to each other. Until now, Car2go users have had to carry a special card with them to gain access to the broad network of ...

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    Study: Our apps are helping us drive less

    The next time you fume when you see the numbskull in the car next to you texting from behind the wheel, consider this: mobile-phone applications are actually causing people drive less and use public transportation more. According to a study by the US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), mobile ...

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    Featured: BMW EV hackathon works on anonymous driver communication to make charging easier

    BMW brought 80 software developers and computer programmers together to tackle the themes of sustainability and electro-mobility in a hackathon last month. BMW hosted the Sustainability Hackathon to deal with a widespread problem – electric vehicles that get parked at charging stations ...

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    Official: MyFord Mobile app now directs C-Max and Fusion Energi drivers to nearest chargers

    Drivers of Ford's plug-in hybrids, the C-Max Energi and Fusion Energi, can now navigate to charging stations through their smartphones. The changes come through an update to the MyFord Mobile app and web portal powered by PlugShare and allows Ford to now claim it is, "the only manufacturer to ...

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    Breaking: Chargepoint's new smartphone app can see "all" EV charging stations in US

    ChargePoint, a leading supplier of US charging station networks, has introduced its New Electric Vehicle Charging Station Mobile Application for iPhone and Android smart phones. It's the company's newest ChargePoint EV charging station app with a redesigned look, offering users information on ...

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    Official: Nissan Leaf CarWings network causing trouble for many drivers *UPDATE

    Something is up with the Nissan Carwings data network, a way for the all-electric Leaf to communicate with smartphones and the mothership back in Japan. Carwings is how drivers can remotely charge their vehicles and heat or cool the cabin. What the current problem is is not fully understood, but ...

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    Report: LeafLink a more functional remote-charging smartphone app for Nissan Leaf

    If Nissan wasn't going to figure out how to create a remote-charging app for owners of Leaf electric vehicles, someone else was sure to do it. In this case, the result is a free, third-party app called LeafLink. While Nissan's official Carwings app lets folks set charging times from inside the ...

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    Official: Buick's smartphone games simulate fuel-efficient driving in app form

    GM sells Buick smartphone app game that simulates fuel-efficient driving Remember the car-racing video games you played as a kid? Think of this as the opposite. General Motors is looking to raise consumer awareness of the hybrid drivetrains on its Buick LaCrosse and Regal by selling three ...

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    BMW teases plug-in i3 with new smartphone app images

    Want to feel a little Mission Impossible-y? Then download BMW's new i3 electric vehicle app to your phone. It'll make you feel like you're controlling one of the cars used in the new action flick from the palm of your hand. Except, well, you can't actually get the app yet. All BMW's offering ...

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    Fortwos gets a $9.99 Smart Drive iPhone app (and a $300 cradle for your iPhone)

    The all-electric Smart EDs may not be here yet, but a companion app for the little city cars is already available in the iTunes App Store [$9.99 for the U.S version, $11.99 for the EU version]. Called Smart Drive, the app is one half of the Smart Drive Kit (the other is a holder that connects your ...

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    Google Android could soon be powering GM's OnStar, Volt connectivity

    Chris Preuss, CEO of General Motors' OnStar division, recently revealed that the telematics system would be relaunching this summer with a bunch of new functionality courtesy of an unannounced partner. It now looks like that partner may be Google with its Android mobile operating system. Earlier ...


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