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    Smith Electric Vehicles will build big electric trucks in Chicago

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Smith Electric Vehicles are working together to create an electric vehicle manufacturing facility in Chicago. Smith Electric Vehicles was drawn to the city by the mayor's voucher system designed to accelerate conversion from diesel to zero-emission electric ...

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    Official: Smith cancels IPO, says it was not in company's 'best interests'

    Well, that was short-lived. Earlier this month, Smith Electric Vehicles said it would do an initial public offering of 4.45 million shares to raise around $76 million. Yesterday, Smith announced that this IPO registration will be withdrawn. The reason, said Smith CEO Bryan Hansel in a statement, ...

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    Proton Power's full cell range-extended Smith Electric truck inches closer to production

    Proton Power announced that round one of its fuel cell range extender tests on the Smith Edison electric truck has wrapped up without a hitch. The vehicle, a Smith Edison light commercial van – based on the Ford Transit chassis and outfitted with Proton Power's fuel cell setup – ...

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    Smith Electric Vehicles wins bulk of UK government EV order

    Smith Electric Vehicles has scored another win in the UK plug-in vehicle market. The Department of Transport has completed the first phase of a program to help purchase commercial electric vehicles (EV) at prices that are subsidized so that the initial cost is the same for the EVs as for gas or ...

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    GSA approves Smith Electric Vehicles for U.S. government agency purchases

    Smith Electric Vehicles Newton – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Now that Smith Electric Vehicles is assembling its Newton electric truck here in the United States, it needs to line up some customers for them. A big potential pool has opened up with U.S. government agencies and the ...

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    Roy Stanley named chairman of Smith Electric Vehicles US

    Smith electric vehicles Newton - click above for high-res image gallery
    Smith Electric Vehicles US has nameed Roy Stanley as its chairman of the board. Stanley is also the founder and former chairman of the Tanfield Group, the parent company of Smith's UK parent and 49 percent owner of the U.S. ...

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    Death Star goes electric: AT&T gets first Smith Newton for expanding alt-fuel fleet

    After announcing earlier this year that it would spend over half a billion dollars over the next decade to put 15,000 alternative fuel vehicles into its fleet, AT&T has added its first electric vehicle. The telecommunications giant is one of six big companies adding the Smith Electric ...

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    Ford confirms Transit Connect EV with Smith Electric for 2010

    Click the Transit Connect for a high res gallery
    Ford has now confirmed that the new Transit Connect small van will form the basis for its first new battery electric vehicle that will launch in the second half of 2010. Ford is very excited about electric vehicles and we first learned that Ford ...

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    Smith EV joins LTI to offer an EV cab for the UK

    Although there are some concerns about the range of an electric taxi for a city like London, Smith Electric Vehicles wants to prove that it can be made. Smith has announced, via its newsletter, an agreement with LTI Vehicles, the manufacturers of the iconic British taxis, to build a battery ...

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    VIDEO: All the Smith Electric Vehicles from the CV Show

    The Commercial Vehicle show may be over but the trucks remain ... on YouTube! Smith Electric Vehicles was reppin' hard at the show with 6 (count 'em) different trucks of various sizes and capabilities. We've told you about some already but there's nothing like a nice walk around with a personal ...

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    Confirmed: Smith electric to build the Ampere and the Faraday II

    The rumor has now been confirmed. Smith Electric Vehicles launched the Ampere electric van at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham NEC. If the Ampere looks like a Ford Transit Connect to you, nicely done. It's built on the Transit Connect chassis. The EVs specs are quite respectable: a 70mph ...


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