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    Exclusive: Nissan pokes fun at Tesla's New Jersey woes, then deletes Tweet

    Ever have one of those moments when you release something out onto Twitter, only to think better of it a little while later and reach for that garbage can icon? If so, you are not alone. In fact, you're in the company of a certain Japanese automaker, who recently joined the ranks of those who've ...

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    World's first Tweet-powered car is Minddrive's 1967 Karmann Ghia EV

    If you think it's hard to find a plug for your electric vehicle, be glad you don't need to look for a Twitter friend every time you want to drive. But that's the restriction that a group of at-risk high school students built into their electric Kharmann Ghia as they attempt to drive from Kansas ...

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    Report: Toyota Prius gets most online love among green vehicles

    Now if only someone could turn social-media mentions into cold, hard cash. That's what the folks at Toyota may be saying after a report revealed that the Prius gets the most media dollar value – by far – out of any hybrid or plug-in vehicle from social media networks, according to ...

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    Video: Toyota really loving that plugging-in feeling with Prius PHEV

    Huh? Toyota is looking to boost awareness and potential sales of its Prius Plug In by launching a social-media campaign that involves getting points for plugging in and recharging an iPhone. We think. The campaign's minute-long video, available below, shows a few folks in various stages of ...

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    Report: Got a heap of Twitter followers? GM might give you a Chevy Volt for a while

    Just don't tweet from behind the wheel, Okay? Chicago is the most recent city where General Motors is looking to promote its Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in by offering hardcore Tweeters and other social-media mavens free extended test drives. Chevy is targeting 300 of Chicago's most ...

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    Ford recreating Fiesta Movement with Fusion 41 program

    2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford is diving into the burgeoning social media world head first. Based on the success of its Fiesta Movement, the Blue Oval has decided to launch a new program called Fusion 41 – so named because of the Fusion Hybrid's ...


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