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solar car

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    Official: UM's solar race team builds Generation, the 'ultimate electric vehicle,' for World Solar Challenge

    The University of Michigan has built a vehicle just about any green-car enthusiast would appreciate, except maybe those from Ohio State University. Last week, U of M unveiled its "Generation" solar-powered electric vehicle that it is entering in Australia's World Solar Challenge. The team ...

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    Does the Toyota 2000GT SEV foretell an electric sports car? [w/video]

    The totally awesome Toyota 2000GT SEV unveiled earlier this year was the result of what was called the "Crazy Car Project," undertaken by the Toyota Automobile Association. While no doubt some thought that converting the iconic car, of which only 353 examples were made, to run on solar power a ...

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    Video: Translogic chases the sun with Michigan's solar car team

    No, that is not the world's most awesome Michigan Wolverines beer pong table. It's a million-dollar race car that's powered by the sun, and in the most recent episode of Translogic, our sister site visits the University of Michigan Solar Car Team to learn all about it. The Wolverines have been ...

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    Why don't we use solar to power our electric cars?

    Venturi Astrolab concept - Click above for high-res image gallery
    For years, we've been watching as solar-powered race cars travel at relatively high rates of speed for hours on end – as long as the sun happens to be shining, of course. In fact, the World Solar Challenge has been taking ...

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    Seat Brisa and Duna concepts point the way to solar power

    Seat Brisa and Duna concepts - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    At this point, vehicles covered in solar panels aren't yet able to offer a viable alternative to the fossil fuel-powered cars and trucks that we currently rely on. There's hope that this fact will someday change, but that ...

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    Xof1 solar car team victims of theft in New Orleans

    Marcelo da Luz and his team, world record holders for the furthest distance traveled in a solar-powered car, have had their share of ups and downs on their journey across North America in the Xof1 (Power of One) solar car. At one point, the car was even mistaken for a flying saucer with little ...

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    Toyota developing solar-powered car for the road

    Don't get too excited yet, but reports are coming out of Japan that say Toyota is developing a solar-powered car. First of all an electric car that draws electricity solely from the sun is still quite a few years off. The first stage is a car that gets some power directly from vehicle mounted solar ...

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    Phylla EV officially unveiled and driven in Turin

    Click above for more shots of the Phylla ZEV
    We first took a look at the Phylla 2+2 electric vehicle back in May. Back then, it was nothing but a series of ideas, plans and renderings. Now, though, it's been realized in the metal (and composites, we're sure) and has been officially unveiled at the ...

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    SolarWorld offers to purchase Opel, kind of

    Well, it's not exactly a solar car, but it's a start, right? By now, everyone is aware that General Motors is in a bit of financial trouble at the moment, and those U.S. problems will definitely have an impact on the European automakers also owned by GM, including its Opel subsidiary. A German ...

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    Wonder what it takes to build a competitive solar racer?

    Lest you think that it's easy to make a competitive solar racer, take a look at the videos of the University of Texas' Samsung Solorean (the name is a reference to the DeLorean from the Back 2 The Future movies), which are pasted after the break. In a nod towards that movie car, the portal to enter ...

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    Sunmotor Group to introduce solar car this year

    We just got tipped that Sunmotor, an electric vehicle hopeful based in Boston, plans to release its first product in America. It's solar and electric powered car ain't pretty, that's for sure. In side profile from wheel-to-wheel, you'll notice that Sunmotor's car is a clear smart fortwo knock-off. ...

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    Buchanan calls for bipartisan effort to convert nation to "green" energy

    Vern Buchanan (R), the Congressman representing the Sarasota, FL area, is one politician who sees the "green" light. While visiting with solar and electric car maker, Cruise Car Inc, whose manufacturing and sales operation is in his district, the lawmaker made a plea for a national bipartisan ...

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    VIDEO: Fiat Phylla powered by sunshine

    Ah, those Italians and their penchant for rolling art. While the Fiat Phylla solar car concept may not yet exist in drivable form, it's asymmetrical styling sure is an attention getter. Presented a few days ago in Turin, Italy during "Uniamo le energie," this city car is designed to use solar ...

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    Another DIY solar electric car built in California

    digg_url = ''; All right, so maybe some of the homebuilt solar-powered cars that we've shown here in the past aren't the best-looking contraptions. Give then this, though: they certainly are useful. The ...

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    Nelson Kruschandl shows how to make a solar car on the cheap

    Wanna build a solar car? Good new for you, then! Nelson Kruschandl has set up a website where he gives you the ins and outs of solar car construction. Sure, there's plenty of power available from the sun, the tricky part is harnessing enough of it to get anywhere. Therefore, lightweight parts and ...

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    SUNN EV: order a solar electric NEV kit car

    Remember last year when we posted the video Infinity Miles per Gallon? In that video, Art Haines of Applied Robotics Company set out to build a solar powered electric car ... and succeeded. At the time, we lauded the independent thinking that Haines clearly showed in the project. The story was far ...

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    Solar electric car comes from Costa del Sol

    I was surprised to be pointed by a friend of mine to this video, which comes from the Spanish version of Breakfast TV, so it's perfect if you want to practice your Spanish. An Iranian engineer named Foroohar Aghili living in Costa del Sol (SE of Spain), designed this car, able to run up to 60 ...

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    Waikato University works on improving the electric car

    When it really comes down to it, what is the "holy grail" of electric cars? Battery power? That is extremely important to be sure, but an equally convincing argument could be made that light weight is the most important factor. Whatever your aim is when it comes to improving the design of the ...

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    The Sinag solar car is unveiled in the Philippines

    Using a body of carbon fiber, Kevlar and epoxy swathed over a honeycomb core, the Sinag solar car, a first for the Philippines, is set to enter the 20th World Solar Challenge in Australia in October. The three-wheeled vehicle converts energy from the sun into electricity using 400 solar cells, ...

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    Video: 12th annual Dell-Winston school solar car challenge

    While looking for good stories to feature on our site, I ran across this video from KTLV on CNN. The event highlighted is the Dell-Winston Solar Car Challenge, a solar race starting from Dell Headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, and finishing in New York eight days later. To see if they will be ...


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