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solar charging station

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    SolarCity offers solar-powered chargers for your home

    Solar charging at the Atascadero Rabobank – Click above for high-res image gallery
    More Americans will now have the option to "drive on sunshine" by juicing up their plug-in vehicles with SolarCity's newly released residential solar-powered charging systems. SolarCity has partnered with ...

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    Mitsubishi unveils solar-powered charging station in California

    On July 7, Mitsubishi Motors unveiled its solar-powered charging station at its headquarters in Cypress, CA. The station, which includes two 110-volt ports, one 220-volt plug-in point and a single CHAdeMO quick-charge setup, is open to the general public. So open, in fact, that Mitsubishi says ...

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    GE unveils EV Solar Carport in Connecticut

    On Thursday, Luis Ramírez, chief executive officer of General Electric energy industrial solutions, joined Connecticut Governor, Dannel Malloy, to unveil and celebrate the grand opening of GE's Electric Vehicle (EV) Solar Carport in Plainville, CT. The EV Solar Carport project, hailed by ...

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    Beautiful Earth Group installs solar charging station in Brooklyn, NY

    Beautiful Earth Group (BEG), a Brooklyn, NY-based renewable energy company, has installed a solar-powered plug-in vehicle charging station right in its own backyard. Well, sort of. You see, BEG's solar charging units sits in Brooklyn Bridge Park – an 85-acre sustainable waterfront piece of ...

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    Study: Costs of solar power systems dropped in 2010

    Researchers at the Environmental Energy Technologies Division of the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory concluded a study on the costs of solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems in the U.S. and discovered that the average installed price for PV systems dropped dramatically ...

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    Hire Electric installs Washington's largest solar-powered charging station

    Hire Electric's solar charging station in Richland, WA
    Earlier this week, General Motors provided a video tour of its recently installed solar-powered charging station at its Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant, the birthplace of the 2011 Chevrolet Volt. Though GM's 18.2 kW solar array is certainly ...

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    Car Arc's solar charging station just another dreamy idea

    Charging an electric vehicle (EV) via solar power is not a novel idea, but the Car Arc concept from modular bike park system designer Bike Arc attacks the task of capturing the sun rays with some modern flair. The Car Arc's curvaceous structure is made from extruded metal tubes that are shaped to ...

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    Toyota developing solar-powered electric vehicle charging station

    One of Toyota's numerous non-car-building business is getting into a new field tangentially related to cars. Toyota Industries Corp. is developing a new solar-powered charging station for plug-in vehicles. In Toyota City, where the automaker is based, 21 of the new stations will be installed at ...

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    Reusing shipping containers as solar EV charge stations

    Over the past several years, numerous designers and architects have worked on the problem of what to do with the millions of metal shipping containers that come into this country every year from places like China. Since we don't actually make much in the U.S. anymore for export, no one likes to ...


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