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solar electric vehicle

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    Official: UM's solar race team builds Generation, the 'ultimate electric vehicle,' for World Solar Challenge

    The University of Michigan has built a vehicle just about any green-car enthusiast would appreciate, except maybe those from Ohio State University. Last week, U of M unveiled its "Generation" solar-powered electric vehicle that it is entering in Australia's World Solar Challenge. The team ...

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    Motion Dynamics Group rolls out the $2,495 Neltron solar-electric bike

    The image is crude and the website ain't all that hot either, but Motion Dynamics Group's Neltron Solar E-Bike, priced at $2,495, appears to be rather impressive. Motion Dynamics describes the Neltron as a pedal-assisted electric bike designed for flat-road applications. The Solar E-Bike is ...

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    Calculating how many solar panels are needed for your new electric car

    Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    So, you want to join the hipsters who are powering their electric vehicles from the sun? That's cool, but how much energy will you need, and how many new solar panels will you need to make the switch? The best way to answer this question ...

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    A bit of extra solar energy on the solstice

    Most everyone in the plug-in vehicle movement knows about Paul and Zan Scott. Leaders of Plug In America, they have been tireless advocates for electric drive vehicles (especially for pairing them with solar panels) for years. But yesterday they shared a bit about why they work so tirelessly to ...

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    SunPods make solar electric vehicle charging quick and easy (to install)

    While solar panels are not yet efficient enough to plop down on an electric vehicle's roof and charge as you go, the idea of powering an EV with the sun is tremendously appealing. A new system called SP-300 EV Plug-N-Go by SunPods is currently being used in San Jose to collect the sun's rays for ...


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