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solar panels

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    Report: Bosch turns off light on money-losing solar power unit

    Major automotive supplier Bosch is stepping out of the solar power business after having lost 2.4 billion euros (nearly $3.1 billion US) since starting up its solar energy subsidiary in 2008. Bosch will end its solar power panel production early next year, and put parts of this business unit up ...

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    Official: Renault installs massive photovoltaic panels, enough to offset 1,500 gas cars

    Now if only Renault could get all 15,000 of those people to buy those electric vehicles. The French automaker has set up what it says is the world's largest solar-panel system within the automotive industry by building about 100 acres worth of photovoltaic panels at six of its French ...

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    Spy Shots: Cadillac ELR caught testing in production form

    After announcing its intent to go forward with a production version of the fetching Converj concept more than a year ago, all has been pretty quiet on the Cadillac ELR front – until now. We burn for this kind of drama. The long lenses have reported in from the field with the first-ever spy ...

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    Video: George Shultz is an electric-car-driving, solar-panel-rockin' Reagan Republican

    In the hyperbolic political atmosphere of America today, left-leaning liberals are seen as tofu-eating, Toyota Prius-driving communists, while right-leaning conservatives are depicted as gun-toting, pickup-driving patriots. Thankfully, the real world is a lot more diverse than those ...

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    Report: Chevy Volt is paid for and fueled by solar power

    This story should be enough to – at the very least – give Chevrolet Volt detractors pause: a solar-powered home that pays its owner delicious double dividends. An Orlando, FL man used the cash from selling solar-panel-generated electricity back to the grid as a down payment for ...

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    Eco Marine Power says solar panel sails will make waves in the future

    The invisible winds have long enabled ships to cross vast seas, but it just can't match fuel for speed and power when you're trying to move tons of freight from continent to continent. Now, Eco Marine Power says it's time to turn back the clock. Well, sort of. You see, Eco Marine Power has ...

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    Infineon Raceway gets solar powered, uses sheep to mow lawns

    Infineon Raceway, formerly Sears Point Raceway, is a 2.52-mile track located near Sonoma, CA. The course features a complex series of twists and turns, dramatic changes in elevation and is host to one of only five NASCAR races run on road courses. All this fuel-burning action doesn't mean the ...

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    Renault launches automotive industry's "biggest solar energy project"

    In cooperation with Gestamp Solar, Renault is launching what it hails as the automotive industry's "biggest solar energy project." By installing solar roof panels at six of its French plants, Renault hopes to harness the power of the sun to cut its CO2 emissions by 30,000 tons a year. Renault ...

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    Ford, DTE build massive solar array at Michigan Assembly Plant

    Ford's retooled Michigan Assembly Plant in the city of Wayne is now home to one of the largest solar arrays in all of Michigan. Detroit Edison, Xtreme Power and the state have teamed up with Ford to install a 500-kilowatt solar array along with a 750-kilowatt battery system with 2 megawatt-hours ...

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    Study: Costs of solar power systems dropped in 2010

    Researchers at the Environmental Energy Technologies Division of the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory concluded a study on the costs of solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems in the U.S. and discovered that the average installed price for PV systems dropped dramatically ...

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    Fisker Karma solar roof production to begin courtesy of Quantum

    Production of the Fisker Karma's solar roof, made by Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc along with Asola of Germany, is due to begin in early 2011. This solar roof will set the record for "largest continuous and most highly curved solar roof in a passenger car application." ...

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    Solar Roadways idea wins Ecomagination Challenge

    If Solar Roadways sounds familiar to you, it could be because we reported last year about its prototype funding from the Department of Transportation. Now, to add to the previous $100,000 from the DOT, the startup has won the GE Ecomagination Challenge, along with the $50,000 prize. The ...

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    Ford installing 500 kW solar array at Focus assembly plant

    When Ford's re-tooled Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne starts building the Focus Electric next year, a chunk of the electrical energy used in the plant will be provided by one of the largest solar arrays in Michigan. Detroit Edison, Xtreme Power and the state of Michigan are partnering with Ford ...

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    Video: Solar-powered ferry sets sail on maiden voyage in Hong Kong

    Solar-powered ferry sets sail in Hong Kong – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Solar power has yet to really catch on in the automotive industry, but shipbuilders have found a creative way to employ the power of the sun to motivate a 100-passenger hybrid ferry through the waters of ...

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    Solar panels wrapped round the moon could power the world, EVs and all

    What if you took the solar panel idea and applied it on a scale of epic proportions? Just imagine wrapping the entire 6,800-mile circumference of the moon with solar panels to harness the sun's power and then beamed all that collected energy back to Earth via microwave or laser technology to ...

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    Calculating how many solar panels are needed for your new electric car

    Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    So, you want to join the hipsters who are powering their electric vehicles from the sun? That's cool, but how much energy will you need, and how many new solar panels will you need to make the switch? The best way to answer this question ...

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    California couple powers home - and Mini E - with sunshine

    Mini E – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Peder and Julie Nordby, two southern California residents, can proudly announce that both their homes and their beloved Mini E operate "virtually free" of charge. You see, the Nordbys are part of an ever-growing group of people nationwide who ...

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    Reusing shipping containers as solar EV charge stations

    Over the past several years, numerous designers and architects have worked on the problem of what to do with the millions of metal shipping containers that come into this country every year from places like China. Since we don't actually make much in the U.S. anymore for export, no one likes to ...

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    A bit of extra solar energy on the solstice

    Most everyone in the plug-in vehicle movement knows about Paul and Zan Scott. Leaders of Plug In America, they have been tireless advocates for electric drive vehicles (especially for pairing them with solar panels) for years. But yesterday they shared a bit about why they work so tirelessly to ...

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    Audi to add solar power to Ingolstadt headquarters factory

    Automotive factories tend to be very large buildings, more often than not on a single level in order to aid internal logistics. A byproduct of such a configuration is a large, flat roof. Such a surface can be be ideally suited to the installation of solar power generation. With that in mind, Audi ...


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