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solar race

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    Video: Formula Sun hits the track at COTA with Translogic

    The Circuit Of The Americas racetrack in Austin, Texas plays host to all manner of racing machinery, from Formula 1 to MotoGP. That said, the Formula Sun Grand Prix isn't like most other series that run at COTA – these cars are powered by nothing but the sun. Which team can go furthest and ...

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    Solar powered car crashes highlight required safety changes

    Popular Mechanics has posted an article on solar car racing that takes a look at one aspect of the sport that many, including myself, probably overlook: safety. Considering that the goal of the vehicle itself is to be as light and fast as possible, the fact that the cars might be lacking in ...

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    Video: 12th annual Dell-Winston school solar car challenge

    While looking for good stories to feature on our site, I ran across this video from KTLV on CNN. The event highlighted is the Dell-Winston Solar Car Challenge, a solar race starting from Dell Headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, and finishing in New York eight days later. To see if they will be ...

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    The University Of New South Wales Solar Racing Team attempts to break record

    Currently, the record for traveling from Perth, Australia to Sydney, Australia in a solar vehicle is 8.5 days. The Jaycar Sunswift III team expects to break that record by 1.5 days with their newest solar-electric powered vehicle. According to their site, the vehicle is constructed mainly of ...

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    Students' solar-car skills showcased in Australia

    Australian students take their model solar cars seriously! Look at the size and detail that went into the winning entry from Merrivale Primary school located in New South Wales. The news account said the car was made from a carbon fiber frame and balsa wood. Observers said it was under control at ...

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    U.S. team runs fourth in World Solar Rally

    A University of Minnesota team is celebrating a fourth-place finish in the World Solar Rally held last month in Taiwan. Nicknamed Borealis III, the car ran fourth out of 10 teams. Winning was a team from Japan followed by two Taiwanese teams. Team leader Patrick O'Connor says the vehicle was just ...


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