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    Report: How Romney and Obama differ on fossil fuels and the energy debate

    Last week, Mitt Romney released a comprehensive energy plan. While taking a backseat to the economy and job creation, energy issues have been discussed regularly by presidential candidates Romney and Barack Obama, and their viewpoints diverge widely. In its online magazine, conservative think ...

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    Official: BMW's ActiveE gets all the greener with Green Mountain solar partnership

    Most anyone who follows the plug-in vehicle scene is familiar with at least one electric-vehicle driver whose car is "powered by sunlight" because of a solar-panel power-supply system at home. If you don't know such a person, you can meet one. Or, with BMW and Green Mountain Energy, you can ...

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    Official: University of Michigan wins American Solar Challenge fourth time in a row

    When you're within spitting distance of the Motor City, you've got to defend your turf. That's exactly what the University of Michigan's Solar Car Team did with its solar-powered vehicle last week when it won the 2012 American Solar Challenge – the fourth year in a row the team has taken ...

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    Rice University scientists devise spray-painted battery [w/video]

    Talk about lightweighting. Rice University researchers have figured out a way to – wait for it – spray paint the components of a lithium-ion battery onto any hard surface, suggesting that someone looking to get a little rechargeable power can make like Earl Scheib. The mad scientists ...

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    Official: SolarWindow, technology for electricity-producing glass, advances

    This could be way bigger than regenerative braking. A product that allows windows to use natural or artificial light to generate electricity got a little closer to commercialization after a Maryland-based company working with the U.S. Department of Energy found a way to lower the cost of ...

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    Official: GM's Orion Assembly goes solar with 350-kilowatt array

    Nothing like a hot Michigan summer to power a few homes. General Motors is making good use of that sun by building a solar array on a two-acre plot of land next to its Orion factory, which is about 40 miles north of Detroit. GM is partnering with Detroit-based utility DTE Energy on the project, ...

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    Official: Honda opens solar hydrogen station in Japan's Saitama Prefecture

    For those of you who struggled with high school chemistry, this one's a doozy. Honda has opened up a hydrogen station in Saitama, Japan that converts sunlight into hydrogen that may be used to power fuel-cell electric vehicles such as the Honda FCX Clarity. The station, which uses both juice ...

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    Official: "Solartaxi" DVD about sun-powered circumnavigation now available

    Think of it as the "Endless Summer" for the green set. A PBS-produced documentary about the Swiss teacher who drove his solar-powered taxi around the world has been released on DVD. The hour-long "Solartaxi: Around the World With the Sun" is now available on Amazon for $16.99. The film chronicles ...

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    Official: New York company pitches Solar Sail EV charging stations

    A New York-based company is building electric-vehicle charging stations that include solar panels in Brooklyn and says it has sold its first, in central Texas. Pvilion, which was founded last year, says it has installed one of its stations, called the Solar Sail, in Pflugerville, TX, just ...

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    Official: BMW goes solar at its Zentrum Museum in South Carolina

    BMW says its Zentrum Museum in Greenville, SC, is now fully solar powered and includes three electric-vehicle charging stations, marking the German automaker's continued efforts to boost its green credibility. With help from Southern Energy Management, BMW spent $500,000 to install 400 solar ...

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    Report: Chevy Volt is paid for and fueled by solar power

    This story should be enough to – at the very least – give Chevrolet Volt detractors pause: a solar-powered home that pays its owner delicious double dividends. An Orlando, FL man used the cash from selling solar-panel-generated electricity back to the grid as a down payment for ...

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    After 36,000 solar-powered miles, MiniE driver ready to make the switch to BMW ActiveE (and an SUV)

    The name Peder Norby should be familiar to anyone who's been involved with BMW's all-electric MiniE program. The driver of MiniE #183 has put 36,000 sun-powered miles on his EV and has long been a strong proponent of getting more people to make the shift to electric vehicles. His latest target? ...

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    FTA awards $117 million for projects to reduce oil dependence

    The Federal Transit Authority has awarded $117 million to 46 transit projects across the nation. The projects were selected from 266 applications to the competitive 2011 Sustainability Initiative. Criteria for choosing these projects included their ability to reduce U.S. dependence on oil and to ...

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    Official: 2012 Redstone-Sun Cup going electric with solar power at Baja 1000

    Electric vehicles can work hard, as the 2012 Redstone-Sun Cup (not pictured) should prove when it roars off as part of next year's Baja 1000 in Mexico. The challenge is not just to race across rough desert terrain – without roads – for 1,000 miles, but to "spur the best and the ...

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    Report: Tokai University wins 1,860-mile World Solar Challenge for second year in a row

    Fro the second year in a row, Tokai University can lay claim to the winner's laurels in the 2011 Veolia World Solar Challenge, a sun-powered race challenge in Australia that winds over 1,800 miles between Darwin and Adelaide using only 5 kWh of on-board energy and the rest beamed in directly from ...

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    Infographic: What's the greenest way to get there?

    What's the greenest way to get from point A to point B? Is it by airplane or train? How 'bout by bus? Or is a grid-charged electric vehicle the greenest mode of transport? Well, the answer depends on the length of the trip. Is it 350 miles? If so, then a bus seems to be the greenest means to get ...

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    Report: How Robert Llewellyn drives his Nissan Leaf 1,000 miles for less than $9

    Oftentimes when we cover Robert Llewellyn, it's his plug-in-centric show Fully Charged that's in the spotlight. However, this time 'round, it's Llewellyn and his Nissan Leaf that come into focus. It's no secret that Llewellyn is a plug-in fan and that he is truly brilliant at conveying his ...

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    Elon Musk: "majority" of vehicles will be electric by 2030 [w/video]

    The oft-outspoken chief executive officer of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, is chomping at the electric bit again. While speaking at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco recently, Musk, a 40-year-old billionaire recently profiled by Bloomberg Risk Takers, shared an enthusiastic vision of ...

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    Volkswagen to invest $1.4 billion in offshore wind farms, other sources of renewable energy

    Volkswagen is getting ready to open its pocketbook in a thunderous way. Financial Times Deutschland reports that VW will turn its eye for renewable energy to the sea, wind and sun, joining in on VW group partner Audi's ongoing renewable energy projects. VW will reportedly dish out two billion ...

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    Report: Mitsui, Toshiba to construct massive 50-MW solar power facility in Japan

    Ford's solar array at Michigan Assembly Plant
    The Japanese duo of Mitsui Chemicals and Toshiba have crafted a plan to construct the island nation's most extensive solar power facility to date, according to the Nikkei business daily. The project is in anticipation of the passage of a bill ...


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