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    Report: DOE still has $16.6 billion left in ATVM loan program

    The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) is questioning why Department of Energy (DOE) loan funds are not paying out as planned. The participation hurdle is high, and there's about $16.6 billion in green vehicle loan appropriations going unused, the GAO found. The funds come from DOE's 2005 ...

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    Romney again attacks Tesla, Fisker in presidential debate with Obama

    On the electric car front, Dan Senor has failed. Senor was supposed to be the guy to convince Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney that electric cars were a good idea, but at last night's third and final debate between Romney and President Obama, Romney again said that investing in ...

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    Video: Fisker's DOE loan is new right-wing political target of 'wasteful spending'

    Is conservative ire at plug-in cars shifting (slowly) from the Chevrolet Volt to Fisker Automotive? A new attack ad targeting President Obama certainly brings the California-based automaker further into the political fight – following Fisker ex-chair's comments about Mitt Romney – by ...

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    Report: Ex-Fisker chair blames Mitt Romney attacks for DOE loan hold-up

    Ah, election season... Former Fisker Automotive Chairman and current investor Ray Lane is blaming Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for the delays in procuring federal loans that have been earmarked for the maker of the extended-range plug-in Karma and the upcoming Atlantic, ...

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    Report: Ener1 to be booted from NASDAQ stock exchange

    Looks like things that were bad with Ener1 (and the Think City electric car) are about to go to worse. After a string of bad news (see here, here, here and here), the latest shoe to drop is the news that the NASDAQ suspended Ener1 from the stock exchange. The fight has apparently gone out of ...

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    How Aptera plays a role in the Solyndra political battle

    One of the many, many contentious issues that make up the ongoing pointless battles between the Democrats and Republicans in Washington, D.C. is the Solyndra case, about how the now-bankrupt solar-power company got loan guarantees. Republicans say the Obama Administration pushed the loans through ...


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