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    Official: MIT figures out how to clean diesel trucks with RF signals [UPDATE]

    People rightfully dislike wireless signals being transmitted from the person behind the wheel when they text while drive, but there are times when a car's wireless signals can be good news. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have found a way to use wireless signals ...

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    Report: California truckers not happy with state emission rules

    The California dream is becoming a bit more of a nightmare, at least according to some truckers there. With the California Air Resources Board (CARB) mandating that older trucks be equipped with a special diesel soot filter in order to reduce pollution, trucking advocates are arguing that the ...

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    Study: Scientists sound alarm on soot's effect on global warming

    Well, this bit of news isn't going to make German automakers or truckmakers terribly happy. Following the connection between diesel fumes and cancer, scientists have found that the black particles created by burning fuels – i.e. black carbon or soot – do more to warm the earth than ...

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    Study: Modern clean diesels not that green; black carbon overlooked

    While technological advancements have cleaned up diesel engines, modern clean diesel vehicles may not be as "green" as previously thought. The reason, according to some analysts, is that soot emissions from these new powerplants are underestimated. In Britain, for example, vehicles are exempt ...

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    EDF calls for 90 percent reduction in NYC school bus soot pollution

    Photo by Kevindooley. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.If your child rides the bus to school in New York City, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) would like you to know that he or she is being exposed to "harmful pollution levels" during the daily ride. The EDF issued a report ...

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    Here's a no, um, brainer: Diesel fumes are bad for your head

    I don't know about you, but the idea of diesel particulates (soot) lodging themselves on my brain doesn't sit well with me. While scientists and researchers have known for some time that diesel soot clings to our grey matter, just recently Dutch scientists were able to convince 10 people to sit in ...

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    Man-made soot from the Industrial Revolution found in Arctic ice

    Back before the age of emissions regulations or the technology to do anything about them anyway, new factories and power plants sprung up and dumped huge amounts of black soot into the air on a daily basis. Then, prevailing winds swept the soot away and dumped it off elsewhere. Where? Apparently, ...

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    General Motors Medium Duty Trucks reduce diesel emissions

    General Motors has announced its Medium Duty Truck lineup for the 2007i (the i stands for interim) and 2008 model years feature increased performance, increased driver comfort and reduced diesel emissions. Included are an all-new Chevrolet and GMC W-Series, as well as revised diesel engines and ...

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    Out with the old diesel, in with the new Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

    For months you've been hearing us talk about the impending introduction of the new low-sulfur diesel fuel throughout the country on October 15, though, mostly in regards to ushering in Mercedes' BlueTec engine. Keep in mind that the new fuel will also have a major impact on the 8 million ...

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    Two busiest U.S. ports pledge to clean up diesel emissions

    The busiest ports in the nation, Los Angeles and Long Beach, announced an aggressive air pollution control plan, which would make them the cleanest in the world. The $2-billion, five-year plan expects to reduce sooty diesel pollution from cargo ships, trains and trucks by more than 50%, which might ...


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