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    Video: Nissan introduces Leaf EV to South Africa with candid camera stunt

    Each time is like the first time. That's the challenge – read: opportunity – that Nissan has whenever it brings the all-electric Leaf to a new market. For the EV's South African debut, the local Nissan arm decided that humor would be the best way to teach people about the new car with ...

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    Report: South Africa taking three-year study to see if it's ready for EVs

    Plug-in electric vehicles are heading for another global market, South Africa, but it may take a while. Eskom, a South African electricity public utility company, told the legislature it will conduct a three-year study to see if the local power grid can handle a bunch of plug-in cars. Testing ...

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    Official: Metair shows off new plug-in car, and battery, in South Africa

    The car may look like a throwback, but the important bits are on the inside. South Africa-based Metair takes a retrofitted two-door hatchback and uses it to show off what the group says is the most advanced lead-acid battery around. By US and Japanese standards, Metair went decidedly low-budget, ...

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    Report: Nissan Leaf headed to South Africa in 2013

    It's official. Nissan will launch the Leaf in South Africa "as soon as conditions allow." While addressing attendees at the 2011 Johannesburg International Motor Show, Pierre Loing, Nissan's vice-president of product and strategy, told showgoers that the success of the award-winning Leaf has ...

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    Axeon unveils an all-electric Land Rover Defender for safaris

    What's the point of going on safari if your truck's rumble and exhaust sully the experience? That's what Axeon and Land Rover have reasoned, teaming up with the solution you see here. Developed in collaboration with JLR South Africa, this Defender 110 – a long-wheelbase model with an ...

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    South African Joule "may miss the boat" thanks to production delay

    The latest on South Africa's entry into the electric car field – the Joule – is that the vehicle's multi-year delay in production might cause it to "miss the boat" in having an impact on the country's place in the new green car universe. To recap, the Joule was first revealed to the ...

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    Joule EV update: first vehicles coming in 2010, full production by 2012

    Click above for a gallery of the Optimal Joule
    Optimal Energy, the outfit behind the six-seat Joule electric vehicle, is taking the next step towards producing the space age minivan in South Africa. First introduced at the Paris Motor Show, the practical Joule is on target for a debut on South ...

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    VIDEO: Optimal Energy shows off their Joule on new website

    Even though word slipped out early about their upcoming all-electric car appearing at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, Optimal Energy played its cards pretty close to its chest and kept their web presence on the down low. Now that the world has been officially introduced to the MPV-sized Joule, the South ...

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    Biodiesel group De Beers on-selling unproven algae technology

    U.S. biodiesel research company GreenFuel Technologies has licensed its process to produce biodiesel from algae to South African company De Beers Fuel fully two years before it will be ready for commercial application. That's not really so bad if De Beers want to be out in front and are willing to ...

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    Greaseball Challenge website and blog go live

    The Greaseball Challenge charity car rally is kicking off this week with a launch party on Thursday and to celebrate Emily Horgan and her team have launched the official Greaseball website and blog. Four teams are leaving from Washington, D.C. in two Mercedes, a VW Rabbit and a van while a fifth ...


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