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south carolina

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    Two Wheels: Trendwatch: PA, SC the lastest to convert roads to bike-only area

    How does Charlestonia or Steeltownia sound? Because the whole livability bug notably biting cities such as Portland has gotten bigger via the proliferation of dedicated bikeways in a number of US cities. The latest to join are Pittsburgh, PA and Charleston, SC, Treehugger most happily ...

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    Report: Proterra slams Long Beach for giving electric bus contract to China's BYD

    While the city of Long Beach, CA, could pit BYD and Proterra electric buses against each other in a race along the city's famed Long Beach Grand Prix route to determine the winner of the municipality's new bus contract, we know that's not going to happen. Instead, the city is debating its ...

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    Official: BMW goes solar at its Zentrum Museum in South Carolina

    BMW says its Zentrum Museum in Greenville, SC, is now fully solar powered and includes three electric-vehicle charging stations, marking the German automaker's continued efforts to boost its green credibility. With help from Southern Energy Management, BMW spent $500,000 to install 400 solar ...

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    BMW looking to convert landfill gas to hydrogen

    Since 2003, BMW's North American manufacturing facility in South Carolina has used methane gas collected from a local landfill to provide power for more than 50 percent of the site's total energy requirements. In 2009, BMW invested $12 million in its landfill gas initiative to improve overall ...

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    CT&T exec denies automaker is withdrawing from U.S.

    We've recently heard reports that claimed that South Korean automaker CT&T is struggling in a pretty serious way. According to the Houston Chronicle, CT&T has "abandoned its pledge to the three states [Hawaii, Pennsylvania and South Carolina] – without notice – and deserted ...

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    Report: CT&T abandoning plans to build NEVs in U.S.?

    South Korean automaker CT&T made a splash in three states (Hawaii, Pennsylvania and South Carolina) in 2009 when it announced that it would hire hundreds of Americans to build its quirky e-Zone low-speed electric vehicle in the U.S. Unfortunately, things have dried up a bit since ...

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    Korean automaker CT&T chooses South Carolina as assembly site for NEVs

    e-Zone Electric Vehicle – Click above for high-res image
    It's not Alabama, but South Carolina is close enough. South Korean automaker CT&T Co. Ltd, makers of the quirky e-Zone low-speed electric vehicle, has chosen South Carolina as its final assembly location for the company's ...

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    Finding the local angle: DOE's hydrogen funding cut will hurt South Carolina

    Earlier this month, President Obama and DOE Secretary Chu announced big cuts to DOE hydrogen-powered car programs. The funding cut was hailed by many and panned by some in the larger argument about what the national priorities should be, but it will also have consequenses in local communities, ...

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    South Carolina now requires a seperate license for 3-wheelers

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Piaggio MP3 400 and 500While some riders of three-wheeled vehicles are having problems getting their vehicles registered in Ohio (help is on the way), riders in South Carolina are about to need additional licensing. There seems to be some sort of waiver ...

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    EVCarolina Announces First State Sales Tax Rebate for 100% Electric Cars

    Let's celebrate the world's innovations in clean transportation technology with... the tax break! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, it's back and better than ever, because electric cars aren't good enough on their own - to buy them we need incentives other than saving our planet and livelihood, ...

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    South Carolina spending money to cash in on hydrogen

    Just days after North Carolina announced intentions to launch a "go green" strategy with $15 million and lure green companies, like biodiesel producers, to North Carolina, its southern neighbour has announced a nearly identical plan. South Carolina House Speaker Bobby Harrell has proposed the $15 ...


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