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    Report: Google CEO Larry Page says his billions should go to Elon Musk

    When you have basically all the money in the world, it can be tough to spend it all. It will be even tougher to spend when you're dead. If you're Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page, though, you already know how you want your money to live on after you're gone: support innovators like Tesla CEO ...

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    Report: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies company formed to make Musk's idea real

    The Hyperloop looks like it's going beyond hypothetical design and turning into something that could actually ferry passengers from San Francisco to Los Angeles in one hour. A new company, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc., has been launched and is being co-led by former director of ...

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    Tesla's Elon Musk named one of Time's 100 most influential people

    Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin may have called Elon Musk's company a "loser" earlier this month, but Time magazine – not to mention Virgin Group chief Richard Branson – begs to differ. Musk, the Tesla Motors chief, made Time's list of the world's 100 most influential ...

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    Video: Elon Musk talks space with Jimmy Kimmel, stays away from NYT dispute

    It's official: Elon Musk is a bona fide celebrity. He's appeared in Iron Man 2 and his actions appeal to people who don't obsessively follow his work at Tesla Motors. Or SpaceX. Or who send money online. He also makes the late-night talk show rounds, and chatted with Jimmy Kimmel last week. Oddly ...

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    Report: Tesla's Musk calls Boeing 787 Dreamliner batteries 'fundamentally unsafe'

    After offering to help Boeing with its lithium-ion battery problems, Elon Musk is somewhat raising the stakes. Musk, who heads both Tesla Motors and space exploration company SpaceX, has now called the batteries in the Boeing 787 "inherently unsafe" in an e-mail to trade publication ...

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    Report: Elon Musk ready to help Boeing with 787 Dreamliner lithium-ion battery problems

    With keywords like lithium-ion batteries, "thermal runaway" and Elon Musk, had we not read any further, we would have figured this story was some disastrous news about Tesla Motors. Instead, it's about airplanes. Specifically, Boeing's new Dreamliner. The small fleet of 50 Dreamliners that are ...

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    ETC: Elon Musk: "I am not the kale eating overlord of Mars"

    Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and chief designer of space exploration technologies for SpaceX, had a lighthearted umbrage moment with an affront made on him and his space travel company, recently. It wasn't really the request made by animal rights group PETA that SpaceX trips to Mars only offer passengers ...

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    Report: Elon Musk might start Tesla, SpaceX holding company; talks electric supercar

    Elon Musk is talking about maybe forming a holding that would own stock in both of the companies he's incredibly busy with these days – Tesla Motors Inc. and Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) – basically to simplify his life. "No actual plans under way," he said. "[It] ...

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    Video: Elon Musk talks Tesla, space travel and something called hyperloop in 'fireside' chat

    If you've ever wanted to get an inside look into the world of a high-risk, high-tech entrepreneur, we've got just the video for you. Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla Motors, SpaceX and Paypal (and Chairman of SolarCity) sat down with PandoDaily's Sarah Lacy for an entertaining hour-long interview ...

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    Video: Elon Musk to Jon Stewart: sustainable energy easier than making life "multi-planetary"

    Tesla Motors head Elon Musk has got his head in the clouds. Actually, he's thinking about the area above our clouds: creating a way for people to live on Mars. Or, as he puts it, making life "multi-planetary." Musk was on The Daily Show last night and talked mostly about the company he runs that ...

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    Video: Elon Musk talks SpaceX with Translogic

    Our buds over at Translogic recently interviewed one of the most influential and passionate individuals of our time, Elon Musk. Translogic spoke with Musk about many things, but this first interview focuses solely on SpaceX (a video about Tesla Motors should be coming soon). If you haven't heard ...

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    Video: Elon Musk chats it up on Colbert Report

    Elon Musk on The Colbert Report – Click above to watch the video after the break
    Imagine that, Elon Musk has a sense of humor. Proof of this can be seen in the video pasted after the break, where you'll see the co-founder of Paypal, Tesla Motors and Space X have a sit-down interview with ...

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    VIDEO: Like, it's Elon Musk talking to Valley Girl

    Elon Musk talks to Vally Girl - Click above to watch the videos after the break
    If you've ever wanted to see someone run the escargo pun into the ground, we've got just the videos for you. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk recently pinked it up with Valley Girl (played by Jesse Draper), who apparently ...

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    It's no flying Tesla, but Elon Musk wants electric planes

    First things first: electric airplanes are nothing new. The French eplane "Electra" flew in 2007 and the "ElectraFlyer C" wowed the crowds at Oshkosh in 2008. But, these one-offs are not for sale and they're certainly not cheap to put together. Enter Elon Musk. The man at the head of Tesla Motors ...

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    What worries me about Tesla Motors' Elon Musk talking about space

    One of the worries I have about Tesla Motors and the tremendous hype surrounding the upcoming Tesla Roadster – a legitimately tremendous vehicle – is that the realities of the company's offerings won't be as cool or as dramatic as the visions we've all read about and salivated over for ...


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