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    Report: Madrid's new parking meters cost more if you drive a gas guzzler
    Elsewhere In The City, The Meters Are Just Plain Gone 1404340260

    The parking situation in Madrid, Spain went through two big changes this week. In some areas, the meters have been updated to know what kind of vehicle is parked there and charge dirty vehicles more money while giving discounts to cleaner ones. In another area, all parking meters have been ...

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    Official: Nissan Leaf with double battery capacity tested in Spain's ECOseries

    In one of the quieter examples of a car's powertrain getting souped up, Nissan has doubled the size of the battery pack in an all-electric Leaf to better compete in Spain's ECOseries driving competition recently conducted by the Catalan Automobile Federation (FCA) at the Barcelona Technical ...

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    Report: Casple Podadera folding car ready to challenge Hiriko

    A couple of Spanish consortiums appear to be engaging in a car yoga challenge by introducing progressively smaller electric vehicles that can "fold" themselves into ever-shrinking city spaces. The latest effort is from Casple Group, which is pitching a car it is developing with designer ...

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    Official: Volvo finishes SATRE project, says 'road train' works

    Now what? Volvo, which has been testing variations of its road-train transportation concept with multiple cars and lead trucks since 2009, says the test has been "successfully finalised during 2012." The SARTRE (Safe Road Trains for the Environment) concept involves a lead truck piloted by a ...

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    Official: French Twizy EV dons odd new clothes, including Union Jack

    The UK division of Renault is promoting the Twizy two-seat electric vehicle with a new, six-minute video and is pitching its customization possibilities by making it available in designs that include the Union Jack. The video, which hypes Twizy's style quotient by showing its female "driver" ...

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    Report: Hiriko, MIT's updated two-seat, all-electric foldable prototype, bound for carsharing

    Despite the name, it's not Japanese. That's one of the first surprises about the Hiriko, an urban battery-electric two-seat vehicle that a Basque consortium of auto suppliers is looking to start selling to municipalities for carsharing purposes starting next year, according to the New York ...

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    Report: Renault offering free all-electric Twizys with gas-guzzler purchase

    It's like an extra tapas dish being thrown in with the whole meal, we guess. Renault has a new idea to increase sales of some of its gas-powered 2012 model-year vehicles in Spain: throw in a Twizy EV. The Australian publication Car Advice reports that buyers of cars like the $25,000 Laguna ...

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    Seat testing three electric cars in Barcelona (yes, just three)

    Seat continues on its snail's pace to make electric vehicles by the middle of the decade by sending three – three! – Altea XL Electric Ecomotive EVs to the city of Barcelona, Spain for tests. The Barcelona City Hall will use its all-electric vehicle in its municipal car fleet for the ...

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    Official: Fisker widens European distribution, launches U.S. ad campaign

    This Tesla-Fisker tit-for-tat thing could get fun. Last week, Fisker launched its first national advertising campaign for its extended-range plug-in luxury sedans in the form of a multi-page ad in the Wall Street Journal on the same day Tesla unveiled its all-electric Model S, Hybrid Cars ...

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    Official: Nissan announces production of funky e-NV200 electric van

    There are two ways automakers can go when producing a vehicle with electric propulsion – be it a hybrid or an outright EV: make it look the same as any other car, or make it stand out. Like Toyota (for example) did with the Prius, Nissan made the Leaf look (for better or worse) unlike a ...

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    Report: Hiriko folding electric car headed for production

    One very unusual electric car has debuted in Brussels. The Hiriko EV uses a hub-mounted electric motor at each wheel, though that's not the most interesting aspect of the vehicle. According to The Telegraph, the Hiriko uses an interesting rear suspension design that allows the vehicle to fold up, ...

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    Nissan now taking reservations for Leaf in Spain, deliveries begin in September

    Our understanding of Spanish ain't all that hot. Luckily, translating Nissan's press release isn't too difficult. Apparently, Nissan is now accepting pre-orders for its electric Leaf in Spain and those interested in reserving the electric hatchback can do so by clicking here and being swept ...

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    Spain approves plug-in vehicle subsidy worth up to $8,602 ($43,000 for buses)

    Last Friday, the Government of Spain signed off on a measure that will provide incentives to hopefully stimulate the introduction of plug-in vehicles. The legislation includes direct subsidies for the purchase of such vehicles, with a budget of €72 million ($103 million U.S. at the current ...

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    Gas Gas goes electric for Silence Project [w/VIDEO]

    If you like the irony of a motorcycle maker named "Gas Gas" building an electric trials bike, then you may also appreciate video of said bike celebrating silence in Spain's Valle del Silencio (Valley of Silence). Adam Raga, multiple Indoor and Outdoor World Championship-winning trials bike ...

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    Spaniards might not be buying many electric cars, but Queen Sophia is a fan

    Peugeot iOn EV - click above to enlarge
    We found out the other day that only 16 electric vehicles – all Think City models – have been sold in Spain this year. This lackluster performance isn't stopping the country's Queen Sofía from giving zero-local emission rides a boost ...

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    Spain has quite a ways to go to reach 2010 goal of selling 2,000 electric cars

    Remember Spain's big electric vehicle (EV) plans these past few years? BYD, Renault-Nissan and Think made announcements that they'd bring their EVs to the country and Seville announced a recharging network. It all made sense, after all, since sales of big, dirty SUVs had been going downhill in ...

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    There's a fungus among us (other biodiesel feedstocks)

    Researchers in Spain have demonstrated that they can transform fungus directly into commercial-grade biodiesel.Through a process we admittedly don't pretend to completely understand, the fungus mucor circinelloides is made into ASTM-D6751-spec biodiesel without first having its oils extracted, a ...

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    France changes vehicle scrappage plan rules, gives Tesla buyers an effective 20 discount

    France had one of Europe's most ambitious "cash for clunkers" plan, but the fun will end in the new year. Starting January 1st, France's program will only pay out the largest award – €1,000 – to buyers of just one model: the smart fortwo cdi. The reason can be found at the ...

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    Spanish Basque Country gets EV recharging network alongside some gas pumps

    The Basque Government in Spain has announced an agreement with Repsol to install recharging points for EVs at gasoline refueling stations. These EV stations would be safely separated from gasoline pumps but will be installed near already existing infrastructure. The plan was announced by Repsol's ...

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    Medic! Spanish bifuel ambulances curb emissions, disappoint drivers

    A Spanish ambulance company in the city of Zaragoza, Ambuibérica, is trying out bifuel vehicles to transport patients. The 10 Mercedes-sourced vehicles use bifuel powertrains that can burn both natural gas and gasoline. Turns out, the drivers aren't too happy with these models: they ...


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