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    Report: GM starting to talk seriously about 200-mile EV
    Based On Chevy Sonic, Sources Say 1413115200

    We've been hearing word of a 200-mile EV from Chevrolet for a while now. First, there was General Motors then-CEO Dan Akerson hinting at a $30,000, 200-mile EV that would take the competition by surprise. Then Akerson confirmed that GM is working on a 200-mile EV in a speech in March. LG Chem, ...

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    Report: Chevrolet Spark EV limited to fleets in Canada

    Chevrolet is stretching the extension cord for the new Spark EV to Canada, in addition to the previously announced markets of California, Oregon and South Korea. At the Canadian International Auto Show, Chevy announced that the sub-compact Spark EV will be available only for fleet use, according ...

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    Exclusive: The Electrification of Detroit: A look Ford C-Max Energi, GM's EV efforts

    It was lucky for me that GM's recent media forum on its electrification efforts was in San Francisco, since I would already be there for the press launch for the Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid. And GM promised a session with its new global product guru, Mary Barra, and a brief drive of a ...

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    First Drive: Chevy Spark Electric Vehicle Prototype

    Why This Little Car Previews Big Things For GM General Motors representatives handed out a lot of press releases in Sausalito, CA this week as part of GM's Electrification Experience. There was one about the company's plans to sell 500,000 vehicles with "electrification" by 2017. There was one ...

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    Official: GM ready for 500,000 electric* vehicles by 2017

    It's a big number, and one that needs a bit of a disclaimer. Speaking (via satellite) to journalists at the General Motors Electrification Experience in San Francisco yesterday, Mary Barra, GM's senior vice president of global product development, announced that The General will have 500,000 ...

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    Report: GM will sell all-electric Chevy Spark in South Korea in 2013; US gets it later

    How about a little of that over here? That's what some electric-vehicle proponents may say after General Motors announced the upcoming public debut of an all-electric Chevrolet Spark. In South Korea. GM Korea, which is 77 percent owned by the US automaker (the rest is owned by Korea Development ...

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    Followup: GM battery lab explosion cost could reach $5M

    Last week, a fire broke out at the General Motors Technical Center battery research lab in Warren, Michigan. General Motors has since said the fire was caused by a battery that was being tested under "extreme stress." Engineers were trying to get the pack to fail, which it did, but not to ignite, ...

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    Followup: GM lab explosion update: A123 battery reportedly responsible, five people hurt

    More details are filtering in about yesterday's explosion at the General Motors Technical Center battery research lab in Warren, MI. First, the number of people injured has climbed to five, with one taken to the hospital and four treated at the scene. The local deputy fire chief said none of the ...

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    Official: 2013 Chevrolet Spark to start at $12,995*

    General Motors is taking a big gamble in a little way with its 2013 Chevrolet Spark. The Detroit automaker is betting that high fuel prices and an increased awareness of one's ecological footprint will mean more consumers are willing to entertain a new car with an even smaller err... footprint. ...

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    Official: GM starts testing electric Chevrolet Spark

    General Motors is literally changing its stripes with its battery-electric powered Chevrolet Spark. The automaker is testing battery-electric versions of its Chevrolet Spark compact and is suggesting that production versions may have a single-charge range of more than 100 miles. GM posted on ...

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    Official: Chevy Spark EV shows off its 114-hp electric motor [w/video]

    According to General Motors, the 2013 Chevrolet Spark EV will be equipped with an electric motor that puts out a whopping (for the car's size class, that is) 114 peak horsepower (85 kilowatts). That motor will be built at a plant in Maryland, making this motor the first of its kind assembled ...

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    Official: GM announces all-electric Spark city car for "select" areas of U.S. *UPDATE

    Looks like there was a good reason General Motors dropped the "More car than electric" tagline for the Chevy Volt. That anti-EV phrase was always short-sighted, and the reason why could be on display later this morning in Detroit. Reports out now say that GM will announce a new U.S.-bound ...

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    Report: Chevy e-Spark coming to India later in 2010

    Chevrolet e-Spark – Click above for high-res image gallery
    General Motors is moving forward with the all-electric Chevrolet Spark project and plans to sell the car in select Indian cities by the end of the year. GM India President Karl Slym said his company – which has expressed a ...

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    Spark EV headed for "vindication"?

    How not to endear yourself to the media: send in messages that say, "It is so easy to jump on the bandwagon when you don't know the facts. Shame on you all."This is how Michael Papp is trying to reintroduce himself to the alternative vehicle world. Papp made headlines about a year ago when he was ...

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    Entrepreneurs, Dreams, and Promises: Spark EV

    Let's say that you are the enterprising sort. Let's also say that you are passionate about electric vehicle technology. You recently learned about a Chinese company that is producing what appear to be some very cool electric vehicles. Given that major OEMs in the US are not producing electric cars, ...


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