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speed limit

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    Report: Edinburgh enacts 20-mph speed limit to encourage bike-riding

    Sammy Hagar won't be visiting Edinburgh anytime soon. The "I Can't Drive 55" rocker would undoubtedly be aghast by the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, and its plan to enforce a speed limit of 20 miles per hour throughout most of its residential and busier commercial districts, all for the sake of ...

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    Report: UK energy secretary: proposed 80 mph speed limit should only apply to electric vehicles

    A proposed increase of the speed limit on UK roads – to 80 miles per hour – is not without controversy, concerns and complaints. How about this for an unlikely solution? UK energy secretary Chris Huhne reckons the proposed 80-mph limit motorway should only apply to electric vehicles. ...

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    Dutch study claims that 50 mph speed limit would cut CO2 by 30%

    A study out of the Netherlands by consulting firm CE Delft predicts that a strictly enforced 80 kilometer per hour (50 mile per hour) highway speed limit could slash CO2 emissions by 30 percent. The study is careful to acknowledge that the results only apply to the Netherlands and that results will ...

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    London begins testing GPS-enabled speed limiters

    Transport for London has just begun testing a new technology that will artificially limit the top speeds of taxis, buses and government fleet vehicles. Called Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA), the system will keep track of speed limits all over London and will prevent operators from accelerating ...

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    Catalonia officials lowering speed limits drastically to reduce pollution

    The transit authorities in Catalonia, Spain have decided to take the drastic speed limit on the accesses to the city of Barcelona to the next level. Similar to plans in other cities, like Rotterdam in the Netherlands, highways in Barcelona will now have variable speed limits. A smart system with ...

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    Portsmouth is first "20mph city" in Britain

    Recently, we reported on so-called eco-towns in the U.K. which have imposed 15 mile per hour speed limits in an effort to reduce pollution. We're pretty sure that their end-goal is to remove vehicles from the roads entirely, not simply forcing them to slow down. It seems that other towns are ...

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    Eco-towns in the U.K. post 15 mph speed limits

    There are plans in the works in the U.K. to create a new type of housing settlement called eco-towns. There are expected to be five eco-towns built by 2016, scaling up to 10 by 2020 with populations of around 5,000 to 20,000. A unique feature of these eco-towns will be the very low 15 mile per hour ...

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    Friday Humor: Lowering the speed limit to three miles per hour?

    Yeah, the idea of lowering speed limits has been brought up before, with the intent on lowering the emissions and fuel usage by forcing people to drive slower. This would work, of course. The slower an engine turns, generally the less fuel it is using. And, generally, the less fuel that an engine ...

  • 0 - Go green, save gas and save lives

    What would happen if everybody obeyed the speed limit? A group in the U.K. would like to find out, assuming that there is no speed limit higher than 70 miles per hour (which, of course there is. Another topic for another story). Their website claims, and has data to back it up, that deaths would ...


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