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speed record

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    Official: Garlits, electric dragster shooting for 200 mph next week

    A drag racing legends is hoping a rechargeable dragster will bring him a little fountain of youth. "Big Daddy" Don Garlits will race his "Swamp Rat" SR-37 at Florida's Brandenton Motorsports Park on April 30. The goal is to become the first dragster of its kind to break 200 miles per hour on a ...

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    Green: Drayson will shoot for FIA electric-vehicle land-speed record on June 25

    It's pretty impressive when an automotive speed record stands for almost four decades, but UK-based Drayson Racing Technologies will take a shot at one next week. The company, led by Lord Paul Drayson (whose company is partnering with Michelin on the effort), will look to break the FIA World ...

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    Video: Tesla Model S vs Chevy Volt drag race ends exactly how you think it will

    It may have a sliver of Chevrolet muscle car heritage, but the plug-in hybrid Volt didn't stand a chance of beating the Tesla Model S in a recent quarter-mile race. As you can see in the video below, shown recently on That Racing Channel, the Model S took the lead in the race right away, hitting ...

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    Official: Nissan Leaf aims to take world record in reverse at Goodwood

    When Nissan wants to set a speed record, you'd expect it to use the GT-R to get there. Or maybe one of its myriad racing cars – it does, after all, power the bulk of the LMP2 racers on the grid at Le Mans, not to mention the experimental DeltaWing. But the Leaf? Sure, maybe for ...

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    Official: Finland-built electric car reaches 156 miles per hour on ice

    If a car screams across a sheet of ice at such a high speed that the ice is being melted to water, is the car really driving on ice? We'll let everyone ponder that philosophical question as we report that the world's fastest-ever speed by a electric car on ice was reached this ...

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    Chip Yates raises electric motorcycle top-speed bar to 190.6 mph at Mohave Mile [w/VIDEO]

    Chip Yates has just raised the top-speed bar for electric motorcycles. Given just 5,280 feet to work with, the racer/inventor let out the reins on his Swigz Pro Racing bike's 241 horses and stayed hard on the throttle until it hit 190.6 miles per hour at the Mohave Mile. Unfortunately, the ...

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    How to go 133 miles per hour with just 50ccs

    So, do you need a really big engine to go fast? Certainly not if you are metal fabricator John Buddenbaum or Eric Noyes, an engineer from NASA's Ames Research Center. This dynamic duo recently set out to go as fast as possible with as small an engine as possible, and we'd say they must have met ...

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    Biofuel powered E85 Viper to attempt world speed record

    On Wednesday, April 11th, car enthusiast and entrepreneur Karl Jacob along with SVS will attempt to break the world speed record for the standing mile in his street-legal, biofuel powered 1100hp E85 Dodge Viper. Proving that auto enthusiasts can pursue their passion for performance and still be ...


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