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speeding ticket

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    Report: That time Elon Musk got a speeding ticket showing off the Tesla Model S to Johnny Depp

    Transcendence is a Johnny Depp vehicle that opens at movie theaters this weekend. The Tesla Model S is a Elon Musk vehicle that easily transcends the speed limits. What do these two seemingly unassociated facts share in common? A speeding ticket. It seems a few cast members of the sci-fi film ...

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    Report: First US speeding ticket given to electric taxi in 1899, for a blistering 12 mph!

    Apparently, electric vehicles have long tempted drivers to go faster than the law allows. According to a historical tidbit on Today I Found Out, the first-ever speeding ticket handed out in the US was given to a New York City cabbie driving a battery-electric car, all the way back in 1899. Of ...

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    Green justice: Should judges cuts electric car speeders some slack?

    Although we ourselves may be guilty of occasionally and ever-so-slightly exceeding the posted speed limits, we cannot condone this conduct as it is potentially dangerous and typically not very "green." However, when Benjamin N., owner of the converted "Electro Metro", found himself slapped with an ...

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    Speeding tickets get worse with fuel surcharge

    There's no doubt about it, speeding tickets are a drag. Your insurance premiums go up, you may have to go to court or traffic school. And these days even if you don't get nabbed by the local constabulary, it'll cost you more just because of high fuel prices. Now it may cost you even more if you get ...


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