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    Official: SsangYong arranges 7 seats into XLV diesel hybrid concept for Geneva

    SsangYong has designed some vehicles that were not exactly 100 percent pleasing to the eye. Powered by a mild-hybrid drivetrain, does the company's new concept vehicle put a little more beauty in the eyes of green-car-enthusiast beholders? That's the question that the South Korean automaker's ...

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    SsangYong KEV2 Concept electric SUV revealed

    SsangYong has reiterated its future strategy for eco-friendly electric vehicles by unveiling the battery-powered KEV2 Concept at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show. The KEV2 is a pure electric SUV based on the automaker's Korando, but with more aggressive styling. SsangYong says that the KEV2 combines ...

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    Phoenix Motorcars gives more details about new SUT, says "This road bump is behind us"

    We got a little more information from Phoenix Motorcars today about the introduction of the company's "newly configured Sports Utility Truck" this week. As we mentioned this morning, the SUT has been a long time coming and Bryon Bliss, Phoenix Motorcars' VP of sales and marketing, said that:


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    REPORT: SAIC stole hybrid technology, says Ssangyong

    Even though Ssangyong Motor, a Korean company, claims it does not have any plans to sue the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), Korean prosecutors said yesterday that SAIC illegally took information about gasoline-electric hybrid technology from Ssangyong in 2006. The Seoul Central ...

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    Phoenix Motorcars still on track to release all-electric SUT in 2010?

    Phoenix SUT - Click above for high-res image gallery
    We're still trying to figure out what is up with Phoenix Motorcars, but the company's website is hinting that things are going on behind the scenes. We don't remember this text on the site before:
    Phoenix Motorcars will release a consumer ...

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    SsangYong brings diesel-hybrid Eco C200 CUV to Seoul

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the C200
    The Seoul Motor Show was the first place for new versions of SsangYong's C200 compact urban vehicle (CUV) to see the light of day. The C200 Eco (above) puts up a green flag with a diesel hybrid powertrain that should reduce CO2 emissions by 50 ...

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    Seoul Preview: Ssangyong to show C200, diesel hybrid

    Last year at the Paris Motor Show, Ssangyong showed off a concept CUV called the C200, and it's reportedly getting close to production. Despite the sorry state of affairs at the Korean automaker, a slightly revised version of the crossover will be shown at the upcoming Seoul Motor Show. Like the ...

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    SsangYong going for "radical restructuring" and "business as usual"

    Click above for high-res gallery of the SsangYong Actyon
    Last April, the SsangYong's future looked bright, with new diesel hybrid technology and a 20-vehicle global line-up trumpeted loudly. Things went downhill after that, with the company going into receivership (like Chapter 11 bankruptcy) and ...

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    Sollers offers to buy Ssangyong, make models in Russia

    Click above for high-res gallery of the SsangYong Actyon
    When SsangYong went into receivership last week, the question we naturally had was "What happens to Phoenix Motorcars now?" We still don't know for sure, but we might not need that answer right away if reports in Automotive News Europe ...

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    Ssangyong goes into receivership; Phoenix doomed?

    Just after SAIC provided some cash to keep Ssangyong operating a while longer, the company's board decided to go ahead and file for court receivership in South Korea. Under the rules there, the court has thirty days to decide if the company has what it takes to survive as a going concern. If the ...

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    Ssangyong out of money; what does it mean for Phoenix?

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Phoenix SUT
    Earlier this month, we found out that Phoenix Motorcars was still working on its all-electric SUT, but that its use of the Altairnano lithium titinate battery is currently in question. Even before that, Phoenix announced that it would be ...

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    Paris 2008: Ssangyong C200 concept on the stand

    Click to see more of the Ssangyong C200
    The preview sketches of the latest Ssangyong concept vehicle, the C200, made it look like a squat little car. In fact, it looked pretty much like a station wagon. Now that the wraps have been taken off of the real thing in Paris, we can see that the SUV/CUV ...

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    Paris Preview: SsangYong C200 diesel SUV

    click to enlarge
    At the upcoming Paris Motor Show, Korean automaker Ssangyong will show off a new concept compact SUV called the C200. This is Ssangyong's first SUV with front-wheel drive and monocoque construction (as opposed to body-on-frame design), something that Ssangyong hopes will give ...

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    Phoenix Motorcars website gets a makeover, savings calculator

    Phoenix Motorcars, the company behind the much-anticipated electric SUT with the SsangYong body and Altairnano battery has given their website a fresh look in anticipation of increased traffic. Set to finally begin building their vehicles for fleet customers and take a few retail orders, the ...

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    Geneva 08: More on SsangYong's hybrid system

    Click for high-res galleryMost of our readers might not know SsangYong except that one of its models, the SUT, is used as the basis of the Phoenix Motorcars electric vehicles. Well, SsangYong has released more information about their new hybrid powertrain. During the Geneva Motor Show, the Korean ...

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    Geneva '08 Preview: SsangYong to show off diesel-hybrid SUV

    Click image for a gallery of the SsangYong ActyonSsangYong is a Chinese-owned Korean vehicle manufacturer, primarily of trucks and SUVs that are best known for their ability to make people look away in horror. In recent years, they have managed to create some of the most aesthetically-challenged ...


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