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    Report: Stop-start tech could save fuel at highway speeds, says Hella

    Germany-based automotive supplier Hella has developed start-stop technology that can shut down an engine at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour if using all that torque is deemed unnecessary. This added benefit could increase fuel economy savings up to 10 percent over traditional stop-start systems ...

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    Official: New Toyota Auris launches in Japan with start/stop, 45 mpg

    Japan and Europe are getting a redesigned Toyota Auris hatchback, one that can use start/stop to increase efficiency. Launching today in Japan, the new Auris comes in a few trim levels, with the most efficient package being the 1.5-liter model with Super CVT-i transmission and optional Toyota ...

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    Report: Upcoming Honda minicar to feature stop-start technology, 59 mpg

    After a four-plus-year hiatus, Honda will resume production of minicars (a.k.a. Kei cars, vehicles with engine displacements of 660 cc or less) for Japan. Coming first for the Honda line-up is a yet-to-be unveiled wagon-type minivehicle that's scheduled to roll off the lines this ...

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    Johnson Controls to construct $100 million stop-start battery factory in China

    Johnson Controls announced Wednesday that it's investing $100 million to construct a stop-start automotive battery factory in China. The facility will supply global and local automakers in Asia and is expected to gear up for production in early 2013. Kim Metcalf-Kupres, vice president strategy, ...

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    Who knew there could be problems with old MPG tests?

    It's no secret that a vehicle's official miles per gallon rating isn't going to tell you exactly what kind of mileage you're likely to see in the real world. Heck, the official fuel economy ratings agency, the EPA, even has a "Your MPG" section of its website "to help you calculate and track your ...

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    Use of stop-start technology to triple by 2016?

    Johnson Controls says that the number of vehicles equipped with micro-hybrid technology (a.k.a. stop-start or idle-stop) will at least triple within five years as automakers strive to develop vehicles with improved fuel efficiency. Globally, Johnson Controls figures, stop-start tech will be ...

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    PowerGenix unveils nickel-zinc battery for micro-hybrids

    PowerGenix, a manufacturer of rechargeable nickel-zinc (NiZn) batteries, has unveiled its first prototype power pack developed exclusively for the burgeoning micro-hybrid (aka stop-start or idle-stop) segment. PowerGenix claims that its NiZn batteries offer several advantages over the lead-acid ...

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    BMW M5 Concept boasts start-stop, 25% reduction in fuel consumption, emissions

    In keeping with BMW's tradition, the M5 "Concept," a vehicle that will be officially unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show later this month, will likely closely resemble the production model that's set to launch in Europe this fall and come Stateside next spring. BMW's fifth-generation ...

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    Volvo launches stop/start S60, V60 DRIVe models in Europe

    Back in 2008, Volvo launched its DRIVe range of vehicles in Europe. At that time, the Swedish automaker claimed that every DRIVe model would offer "best in class consumption" and "lowest CO2 emissions levels." The Volvo C30, S40 and V50 were the first models to be tagged with the DRIVe badge, but ...

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    Ford expanding start-stop technology to non-hybrid models

    Given the multifaceted approach to making more efficient vehicles favored by Ford, an automaker that employs everything from EcoBoost to hybrids, pure electrics to less thirsty gas models – it's not that surprising to learn that the company is announcing that it is expanding use of ...

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    Paris Preview: Ferrari to introduce more efficient version of California GT

    Ferrari California – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Every automaker, including low-volume, high-performance brands like Ferrari, is going to have to reduce fuel consumption in the coming years, and the Italians will show their first tangible effort at the Paris Motor Show. The ...

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    Bosch modifies start/stop system for automatic transmissions

    Since introducing its start/stop technology back in 2007, Bosch has sold 1.5 million of the fuel-saving systems to automakers worldwide. Most of Bosch's start/stop systems have resided in vehicles equipped with manual transmissions. Recently, Bosch began working with numerous automakers – ...

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    Stop-start technology to reach 10M vehicles by 2015

    We've discussed the virtues of stop-start technology (aka micro hybrid) before and we've even touched on many of the upcoming models that are slated to receive this fuel-saving technology soon, but we never really expected that the stop-start system would become so widespread in application that ...

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    2011 Citroën C4 revealed, CO2 emissions down to 109 g/km

    2011 Citroën C4 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Citroën has announced the first information about its upcoming redesigned C4 that will be debuting at the Paris Motor Show this fall. The 170.5-inch-long C4 competes against the likes of the Ford Focus, Opel Astra and ...

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    Mazda researchers get JSAE awards for i-Stop and nano-catalyst

    The Japanese Society of Automotive Engineers has selected a pair of researchers from Mazda to be honored for their work on efficiency and emissions reduction technologies, i-Stop and a new single nano-catalyst. Kenichiro Saruwatari will be recognized for his role in the creation of i-Stop, ...

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    Mercedes-Benz adds direct injection and stop-start to 2011 C-Class

    In Europe, where Mercedes-Benz still sells cars with four-cylinder engines, the C-Class has just received an efficiency update for 2011. The direct-inject gasoline C180 and C200 CGI BlueEfficiency models are now available with six-speed manual gearboxes and automatic start-stop systems. The C180 ...

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    Ford Focus Econetic gets eco-overhaul to reach 62 mpg (U.S.)

    2011 Ford Focus Econetic – Click above for high-res image gallery
    While Americans get their first official taste of the U.S.-market Ford Fiesta, Europeans can feast their eyes on an even-more frugal Focus Econetic model that will go on sale early next year. With start-stop, regenerative ...

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    Mazda i-Stop wins another award, 2009 Japan Eco-Products

    Mazda has just garnered another award for its new i-stop system that debuted this year on the Axela (3) and Bianti MPV. This is Mazda's take on an automatic start/stop system to eliminate idling but with a novel new twist. Rather than just use a more robust starter and battery to crank up the ...

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    Diesel back in the picture at Chrysler, start-stop in Q4 2010

    Based on the presentation by Paolo Ferrero at the Chrysler business plan meeting in Auburn Hills today, it sure sounds like diesel is back in the picture at Chrysler. Prior to the Daimler-Chrysler divorce, there were lots of plans for diesel installations in U.S.-market Chryslers. That all fell ...

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    Audi introduces its first start-stop system with automatic transmission

    Automatic start-stop systems have become increasingly common in Europe in the last few years, but until now they have pretty much only been available on cars with manual transmissions. Audi is looking to change that with the introduction of a new system on the A3 that is paired with the 7-speed ...


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