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    Official: California readies big 'red carpet' for hydrogen cars, H2 stations

    The Golden State is sinking some serious green into its hydrogen-refueling infrastructure. But California says it's rolling out the red carpet for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Maybe we'll get our colors straight eventually. With a goal to have 1.5 million zero-emissions vehicles on California ...

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    Report: Just 27 hydrogen refueling stations were installed in 2012, globally

    The Hydrogen Superhighway isn't much more than a dirt path right now, with just 27 hydrogen refueling stations installed in the entire world last year, Green Car Reports says, citing Fuel Cell Today. North America was home to eight new hydrogen stations, and five stations were added in Germany. ...

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    Official: Only 6% of U.S. utilities offer electric vehicle tariffs

    The feds may be willing to make some financial concessions to encourage electric-vehicle use, but utility companies? Not so much. Just six percent of U.S. utilities offer special electricity rates for plug-in vehicle drivers charging their vehicles at home, according to a report released this ...

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    Report: Nissan Leaf doesn't play nice with GE's WattStation

    General Electric's WattStation home charging stations are damaging the on-board chargers of some Nissan Leafs, causing GE to acknowledge issues with the station and to work with Nissan on solving the issue, according to recent reports. One Nissan dealership in the San Francisco Bay Area sent ...

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    Study: European electric vehicle charging-station revenue will jump tenfold by 2020

    Here's one European "union" that plug-in advocates will support. Europe's electric-vehicle charging station revenue will jump more than tenfold by the end of the decade as automakers work towards a unified charging standard and demand for plug-in vehicles rise, Pike Research says. Annual ...

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    New U.S. alternative fuel directory to feature over 2,200 refuelling locations

    A directory featuring E85 Ethanol Fuel and Biodiesel Fuel retail stations across the U.S. has been published for the first time by USA Energy Independence Publications. The guide is designed to help flex-fuel vehicle (FFV) and diesel vehicle owners find retail outlets offering renewable fuels in ...


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