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    Study: Men, women drive and enjoy their EVs differently

    That bad habit some men have of seeing how far they can go when the "empty" fuel light is on? Many challenge their electric vehicles in the same way. Some things don't change. Men and women approach driving plug-in vehicles differently, according to a report by the UC Davis Institute of ...

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    Official: Audi, MIT, GE start cab ridesharing study in New York City

    Audi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) and General Electric are getting together to study something that won't likely be thrilling for New York City cab drivers. But there are bigger fish to fry and keeping cabbies happy. The German automaker is working with MIT's Senseable City Lab ...

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    Study: Charging millions of EVs at once? It's a math problem

    Preparing for the brave new world where the number of plug-in vehicles looking for a charge grows high enough to match to the current electricity supply, one study from China's Sichuan University is suggesting a novel concept. It's called the honor system, and it might one day be needed to ...

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    Study: Our apps are helping us drive less

    The next time you fume when you see the numbskull in the car next to you texting from behind the wheel, consider this: mobile-phone applications are actually causing people drive less and use public transportation more. According to a study by the US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), mobile ...

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    Study: Renault study proves, again, EVs are cleaner than gas or oil burners

    When it comes to the environmental impact of producing electricity, Renault is probably hoping that things haven't changed too much over the past 21 months. That's because we're just now getting to see some numbers that the company was using almost two years ago. The French automaker, which ...

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    Official: EV sales would be spurred by more rental opportunities, UK report says

    Electric vehicle makers like Nissan and Renault have long preached that giving more people the chance to drive a plug-in is key to spurring EV sales. Now, a UK report says that the best was to make this happen is to get more EVs into the rental market. UK's Royal Automobile Club (RAC) Foundation ...

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    Report: Young motorists driving far less than even 10 years ago

    A new study by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group indicates Americans are driving less than they were a few years ago. That drop is largely thanks to young people. Those between the ages of 16 and 34 drove 23 percent fewer miles in 2009 than they did in 2001. While it's tempting to attribute ...

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    Study: Even at today's prices, 20% of Canadians would save cash driving an EV

    What's the percentage of Canadian buyers that could benefit financially from choosing to go electric instead of relying on old internal combustion? Well, somewhere between 20 and 40 percent. According to the numbers presented by Matthew Stevens, head of automotive consulting firm CrossChasm ...

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    Study: China gears up to sell lots of electric vehicles, the most in Asia

    Across the entire Asia-Pacific region, it's China where Pike Research forecasts most plug-in vehicles will eventually be sold. Sure, there will be other plug-in players – Japan and South Korea, mostly – but come 2015, China will lead the way by accounting for nearly half of the ...

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    Study: Only 4% of consumers likely to be satisfied with today's electric vehicles

    Given the results of a survey released this month by Deloitte, it seems shocking that automakers are willing to risk it on the development of electric vehicles. Deloitte's study, titled "Unplugged: Electric vehicle realities versus consumer expectations," suggests that consumers across the globe ...

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    Study: UK trend: youths care less and less about driving, owning a vehicle

    Young people don't drive. That's the gist of a British study, which found that vehicles – once tied to the act of becoming an adult – now matter less for the UK's under-21-year-old crowd. According to The Guardian:

    In Britain, the percentage of 17- to 20-year-olds with driving ...

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    Study: Diesel hybrids soon to be a reality in Europe?

    Guess cleaner vehicles are just what the consumer ordered. Consulting firm Frost & Sullivan says consumer awareness of sustainable mobility has prompted automakers to develop low-emission vehicles and – quite optimistically – claims that one out of every two vehicles sold in ...

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    Study: Pike Research predicts 68% jump in global CNG vehicle sales by 2016

    Annual worldwide sales of natural gas vehicles will jump 68 percent to 3.2 million vehicles in 2016 from 1.9 million in 2010, according to Pike Research. The surge, says Pike, will be driven mainly by fleets looking to cut petroleum dependency and reduce operating costs. In the U.S., annual ...

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    Study: Small businesses support stringent fuel economy standards

    Lawmakers continue to push for anti-regulation and automakers successfully fought to weaken Obama's proposed 62-mile-per-gallon CAFE standard, but what do actual small business owners think of stringent fuel economy regulations? A new poll found that the vast majority seem to support 54.5 ...

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    Study: Ownership costs for plug-in vehicles to drop significantly by 2030

    A UK analysis of total ownership costs for the cars of tomorrow found that low-carbon vehicles will make substantial progress in bridging the current cost gap, when compared to traditional gasoline-powered cars, by 2030. The big question is whether – or when – will advanced vehicles ...

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    Study: Worldwide sales of electrified vehicles to hit 32.1 million in 2025

    BMW i3 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Japanese research firm Fuji Keizai Group forecasts that combined sales of plug-in hybrid, electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles will hit 32.1 million units worldwide in 2025. Fuji Kezai says that sales of these electrified vehicles will ...

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    Study: Study: Consumer Reports says car buyers will pay for higher fuel economy, won't compromise safety

    According to a survey conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, new car buyers are factoring fuel economy as a larger concern in their purchases. That's no real surprise given that prices at the pump remain high, but the study also revealed that those same consumers are ...

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    Climate Change could destroy America's roads

    How bad is the National Research Council's report about climate change's potential impact on America's transportation system? NPR says it has warnings of "Biblical proportions." 60,000 miles of highways, major airports, railroads, low-lying tunnels and ports are at risk of damage from changes in ...

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    USA Today: plug-in vehicles may increase air pollution

    Today's USA Today has an article that talks about two studies on plug-in hybrids, both published last year, that "have yet to trigger alarms." The studies, one by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the other by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, found plug-in hybrids and electric ...

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    Richard Branson, Mayor Bloomberg slam biofuels

    Criticisms of biofuels just keep piling up. At a UN Assembly debate on Climate Change, New York Mayor Bloomberg framed the biofuel food vs. fuel debate starkly saying "people literally will starve to death in parts of the world, it always happens when food prices go up." At the same meeting, ...


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