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    Official: EPA says new Tier 3 emissions levels will clean the air, save lives

    Almost one year after first proposing the stricter vehicle emissions standards known as Tier 3, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today finalized the new levels. These restraints on "harmful soot, smog and toxic emissions" should go a long way to cleaning up the air and reducing the ...

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    Official: EPA proposes new Tier 3 emission rules, requiring cleaner cars and gasoline in 2017

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) added a new word to the wider public lexicon today when it proposed new emission and fuel standards for cars and gasoline: Tier 3. This new regulation is "sensible" and will "significantly reduce harmful pollution, prevent thousands of premature deaths ...

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    Mercedes-Benz: U.S. fuel too dirty for next-gen efficient engines

    The newest gasoline engines from Mercedes-Benz feature cutting-edge lean-burn technology that leads to fewer harmful emissions and a 10 percent improvement in fuel economy. Well, the new engine tech, which requires a much leaner fuel-to-air ratio, is making its way into many mills, but ...

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    A single container ship may emit as much as 50 million cars

    Governments around the world have been cracking down on emissions from cars in recent years trying to reduce noxious and greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, even if all the cars on the planet were completely eliminated from the roads, less than 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, and far ...

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    Video: the world's first sulfur powered vehicle

    Turtle Island Energy claims to have made "the world's first sulfur powered vehicle." According to the video above, the vehicle was built for $2,000 with "readily available parts." The sulfur is used to produce hydrogen which fuels the internal combustion engine of the pickup truck. The sulfur "fuel ...

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    Off-road low-sulfur diesel starts production today, on sale Dec. 1

    Today marks the beginning of Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel fuel production for off-road use. By December 1, it will available everywhere for fueling road construction, marine, agricultural and mining equipment. The nation's refineries are now producing the diesel, which has 85 percent less sulfur, ...

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    Diesel Technology Forum white paper on retrofitting diesel engines

    Diesel Technology Forum has released a new PDF white paper designed to give diesel users a comprehensive overview of how diesel technology and regulations are changing to reduce diesel emissions. Covered are the new diesel emissions standards and the introduction of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD), ...

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    Out with the old diesel, in with the new Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

    For months you've been hearing us talk about the impending introduction of the new low-sulfur diesel fuel throughout the country on October 15, though, mostly in regards to ushering in Mercedes' BlueTec engine. Keep in mind that the new fuel will also have a major impact on the 8 million ...


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