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    Report: Nissan not shuttering Leaf EV battery plants, at least not yet
    But A Switch To LG Chem May Be Under Discussion 1410818280

    The big news on the electric vehicle front today is that Nissan is considering slowing down EV battery production in the US and UK and source all of Nissan's big packs come from Japan. Nissan may also buy some batteries from the Korean company LG Chem. This is apparently causing dissent within ...

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    Video: Nissan starts 2013 Leaf production in UK, EV now made on three continents

    Building the Leaf in Tennessee helped Nissan sell more of the all-electric car in the US in March than in any other month. The start of production in the UK, in Nissan's Sunderland plant, has been in the planning stages for a while and today's official start of production means the world's ...

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    Report: Nissan Leaf getting upgraded looks, more range in Europe; lower price likely

    Nissan has been exporting all-electric Leaf vehicles from Oppama, Japan to both the U.S. and Europe for over a year, and that's been putting a ceiling on sales numbers and a limit on how low the price can go. To minimize these barriers, the Japanese automaker is getting factories ready in both ...

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    Nissan mulling mild improvements for UK-built 2013 Leaf

    Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Nissan's battery-powered Leaf will enter limited production by year's end, but global sales and mass production are still a ways off. The input gleaned from early adopters and the carefully crafted delay before mass production begins will ...

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    Renault-Nissan breaks ground on Sunderland, UK battery plant, first packs due in 2012

    Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The latest step the Renault-Nissan alliance is taking to make electric vehicles (EVs) a reality is to break ground on a new £210 million advanced lithium-ion battery plant in Sunderland, UK. The battery plant is part of the facility ...

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    Geneva preview: Nissan Qazana teaser shines a light

    Click on the teaser above for the hi-res gallery
    For those folks tired of looking ridiculous riding about in their ocean liner-sized Armada (sorry to be the one to break it to you) and who would like to stay true to the Nissan brand, the human-sized Qazana, a stylish down-sized crossover, may be ...

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    Nissan announces new model to replace the Micra

    The somewhat funky Micra is going to be replaced in 2010. Nissan announced that its British plant in Sunderland, as well as other plants in four Leading Competitive Countries, will be building its replacement. It will be made from a new A-car platform that will be shared by three models by Renault ...

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    Nissan installs more wind turbines at Sunderland plant

    Nissan seems to both boost its green image and save some money in electricity by installing two additional windmill turbines at its Sunderland plant. This means that the eight wind turbines there will be able to produce six percent of the electricity the plant needs to keep running. Its ...


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