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    Official: Tesla Model S headed to CHAdeMO with $1,000 adapter

    No question about it, the Tesla Supercharger network is a sweet deal for Model S drivers. A free, fast and sometimes solar-powered way to put more miles into your EV's "tank," Superchargers point to an entirely new paradigm for personal mobility. Still, despite an ambitious roll-out schedule in ...

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    Official: Silex says first 'HyperCharging' stations will be available next year

    Earlier this year, Malta-based Silex Power promoted a concept electric vehicle that could go from San Francisco to Portland on a single charge. Not content with that claim, the company is now saying it's ready to make a high-powered electric charger that could fully recharge a top-of-the-line ...

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    Rotrak introduces efficiency-boosting variable-drive supercharger for downsized engines

    Cutaway of Rotrex variable drive supercharger
    Rotrak, a 50:50 joint venture between traction-drive specialist Torotrak and centrifugal supercharger producer Rotrex A/S, will introduce its variable drive supercharger system at the 15th Supercharging Conference in Dresden. The uniqueness of the ...

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    Volkswagen sells over 41,000 TSI engines in one year on the market

    Just over a year ago, Volkswagen introduced a pair of new engines dubbed TSI, that were designed to provide the power of a larger engine with the efficiency and CO2 emissions of a much smaller engine. The currently available TSI engines are both 1.4L four cylinders and are rated at 138hp and 168hp. ...


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