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    Official: Public in favor of higher truck fuel efficiency standards
    But 26 Percent Say They're Against Cleaner Trucks 1407930900

    Yes, the most recent poll results from the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) were about as predictable as asking Americans whether they wanted more sunlight or to lose a few pounds. Indeed, when one asks John Q. Public whether he's in favor of better fuel economy for semi trucks, well, the ...

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    Recharge Wrap-up: Ford steals Best Green Brand spot from Toyota, EV buyer survey goes online
    1.0-Liter EcoBoost Named 2014 International Engine of the Year 1403722800

    Chevrolet is one of the Top Global Green Brands of 2014, according to brand consultancy firm Interbrand. Chevy ranks number 32 on the list, which cover brands across a wide variety of segments. The report measures brand perception and brand performance, and the gap between the two is small for ...

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    Study: Zipcar survey says younger drivers more dependent on phones than cars

    It's not exactly a surprise, but that hipster on the barstool over there will be more miffed if you take his iPhone or laptop than his car. That is, if he owns a car at all. That's the gist of a survey released by carsharing leader Zipcar, which says young people between 18- and 34-years-old are ...

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    Report: New free ebook answers the "Top 10" questions about electric mobility

    Consumers are becoming more interested in plug-in electric vehicles, but many still have questions before they make the first step away from pure gasoline cars. The top 10 such questions can be answered by reading a simple-to-understand method, says Green & Energy Consulting Group, a ...

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    Official: Euro drivers will worry a lot, do little about environment, Ford finds

    It looks like "passing the buck" translates well in almost any language. Most Europeans expressed concern over climate change but very few are willing to give up their cars to do something about it, according to a new Ford poll. About 53 percent of the more than 6,000 people polled this summer ...

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    Report: Toyota dealers: no, we're not ready to sell EVs quite yet

    Toyota dealers are just fine with hybrids, but they're not quite ready for electric vehicles. That's the gist of a new survey from AutoRetailNet, which found that most Toyota dealers think the Japanese automaker made the right decision to delay any kind of largescale launch of its Scion iQ ...

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    Study: Two-thirds of British consumers would consider EVs

    Like Americans, British consumers talk a good game about buying electric vehicles. We'll see if they make good on it. About two-thirds of UK consumers are receptive to the idea of buying an electric vehicle, Motor Trader and British Gas reports, citing dealer surveys. That breaks down to about a ...

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    Study: Strong majority of Americans support higher gas tax to improve roads

    Think of it this way: a teenager cruising in a convertible down Pacific Coast Highway will probably be pretty big on smooth roads. That's sort of the gist of a survey from the Mineta National Transit Research Consortium, which polled more than 1,500 people on their attitudes toward taxation, ...

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    Video: Honda finds that $5-plus gas is 'tipping point'

    Do $6-a-gallon gas and electric vehicles go hand in hand? Well, it may be a stretch to conclude that from a two-minute fifty-second man-on-the-street video posted by Honda, but it may not be far off. Honda said it polled 1,000 Americans about their attitudes towards both buying more ...

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    Official: Electric vehicles spur concerns over range, fire, Consumer Reports says

    More than three-quarters of the American public say limited driving range is a point of concern when considering an electric vehicle, while almost 30 percent indicated that they thought EVs were more dangerous than conventional vehicles, Consumer Reports said, citing responses to its 2012 Car ...

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    Study: U.S. auto execs are the least optimistic about electric-drive adoption

    U.S. automobile executives are less optimistic about consumer adoption of electric-drive vehicles than their colleagues overseas, reflecting what they say is a lack of consensus over which type of electrified powertrain will become predominant over the next few years, consultant KPMG ...

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    Study: Consumer Reports: Large majority favor stronger fuel economy standards

    In advance of eagerly awaited details regarding proposed Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards, Consumer Reports has released results of a new survey, and – no surprise here – 93 percent of respondents "support increased fuel efficiency." Further revelations include 77 percent in ...

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    Study: Only 4% of consumers likely to be satisfied with today's electric vehicles

    Given the results of a survey released this month by Deloitte, it seems shocking that automakers are willing to risk it on the development of electric vehicles. Deloitte's study, titled "Unplugged: Electric vehicle realities versus consumer expectations," suggests that consumers across the globe ...

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    Study: Few willing to make sacrifices to buy today's electric vehicles

    EV drivers may or may not be proud, but those looking to drive one of today's electric vehicles certainly do appear to be few. At least, that's the result of a new survey by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited . In a survey of more than 13,000 drivers in 17 countries, only 2 to 4 percent (!) would ...

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    Study: Mazda Demio SkyActiv tops Japan's "Eco Cars" survey, Toyota Prius number 2

    Mazda's slightly remodeled Demio (aka the Mazda2 in this neck of the woods) subcompact has topped Japan's latest "Eco Cars" survey conducted by research firm SC-Abeam Consulting. The facelifted Demio is the first to feature Mazda's 1.3-liter SkyActiv gasoline engine. The Demio, which starts at ...

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    Survey: Electric vehicle expectations out of touch with reality

    A global survey conducted by the folks over at international consulting firm Deloitte shows that the current batch of electric vehicles do not meet consumers' expectations. Or, to look at the results from a different perspective, it shows that consumers' expectations are out of touch with ...

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    Poll: 45% of Americans at least somewhat likely to buy alt-fuel vehicle by 2021

    Ford C-Max Energi – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Despite an uptick in gas prices in 2011, Americans are no more enthusiastic than they were in 2010 about buying a vehicle that runs on some sort of alternative fuel, according to Rasmussen Reports' latest national telephone ...

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    Gallup poll shows 57% of Americans won't buy an electric vehicle

    Think City – Click above for high-res image gallery
    A recent USA Today-Gallup poll shows that 57 percent of American drivers won't buy an electric vehicle (EV) – no matter how much a gallon of gas costs. That compares to 12 percent of respondents who will consider owning an EV ...

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    Autotrader survey shows most motorists go green to "save money, not the environment"

    Research conducted by Auto Trader suggests that money, not the environment, is the main driving force behind motorists' interest in eco-friendly vehicles, at least in Great Britain. The majority of UK motorists (73 percent) would consider "going green" to save money on fuel, compared to just 41 ...

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    Consumer Reports: Interest in alt-energy vehicles on the rise; buyers deterred by drawbacks

    Consumer Reports recently surveyed 1,713 car owners in the U.S. and discovered that 39 percent of them will consider buying a hybrid or electric vehicle (EV) for their next vehicle. Out of that group, 60 percent are leaning towards a conventional hybrid, 16 percent are considering a plug-in ...


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