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    Study: Toyota Prius, Tesla Model S fans apparently like very different things

    Prius fans polled have above-average interest in yoga, sustainability and Apple. As for Model S fans? They're big on economics, Jim Beam, strip clubs and weed. If a Toyota Prius lover crashes into you, the driver may have been distracted reading The New York Times or The Atlantic on his or ...

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    Official: GM increases number of clean facilities in Asia, has 100 worldwide

    General Motors has added two more outlets to its global land-fill free initiative – the Rayong engine plant in Thailand and Cheonga proving ground in Korea. This brings the total to 33 facilities in Asia, 45 in North America and 22 in Europe that recycle, reuse or convert to energy all ...

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    Official: GM ready to double production of vehicles that get 40+ mpg

    General Motors is planning to be twice as nice to the environment four years from now when it comes to producing high-MPG vehicles. The US automaker recently spelled out its green goals in its sustainability report and notably predicted that it would double the number of vehicles it makes that ...

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    Official: GM signs Ceres declaration, says 'responding to climate change is good business'

    General Motors has signed on to the Ceres "Climate Declaration," which is dedicated to stopping – and therefore acknowledges – climate change. While other major corporations like Starbucks, Ikea, Intel and eBay also signed on, GM is the only automaker so far to do so. The signing ...

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    Official: VW sustaniability report shows emissions, production progress

    The most recent companywide sustainability report from Volkswagen comes in at a tidy 168 pages. Here's hoping not too many folks took out trees by printing the whole thing out. Europe's biggest automaker said it has reduced the amount of both energy and water required to make each vehicle by 10 ...

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    Official: Ford reduces water use in vehicle assembly by 10.6 billion gallons

    Ford is reducing its water use much faster than expected, and touting the achievement with another infographic. During 2012, the global automaker achieved an 8.5 percent reduction in the amount of water used to make its vehicles, putting Ford more than halfway toward its target of using an ...

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    Should there be a fossil fuel moratorium? Some scientists say yes

    Climate change was barely mentioned during October presidential debates, but that doesn't mean the public doesn't care. After all, climate change affected Hurricane Sandy, and that got some media coverage. Some analysts say climate change is just part of historic weather patterns that humans have ...

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    Official: Volkswagen "Thinks Blue," takes pride in its energy-efficient plants

    More than 350 employees from 21 Volkswagen manufacturing plants met in Wolfsburg, Germany, to discuss the campaign to make the global automaker more green – or, actually, the eco color that Volkswagen calls "blue." At the "Think Blue. Factory." annual meeting, details were presented on ...

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    Official: Hertz, Liberty Tire Recycling announce nationwide tire recycling program

    The Hertz Corporation has added another sustainability initiative to its brand portfolio through a partnership with a major tire recycling company. Hertz and Liberty Tire Recycling launched what they call the first nationwide tire recycling program in the US car rental industry. Hertz goes ...

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    How Leonardo DiCaprio inspired Henrik Fisker to build plug-in hybrid cars

    BBC's TopGear recently had an exclusive interview with Leonardo DiCaprio to find out about his commitment to sustainability and his investment in Fisker Automotive. The most surprising thing is that Leo was in part responsible for Fisker getting started in the first place. TopGear started out by ...

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    Official: Lexus Eco Challenge entices teens with $500,000 in grants, scholarships

    The sixth annual Lexus Eco Challenge has launched, giving young students a shot at winning part of $500,000 in grants and scholarships. More than 22,000 middle school and high school students have been included in past programs, where more than $3.5 million has been awarded to students, teachers ...

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    Official: GM recycles something called Sonozorb into coats, sleeping bags for the houseless

    For automakers pursuing sustainability initiatives – things like powering plants with solar panels and recycling existing car components – General Motors is stepping it up a notch. GM is working with a Detroit nonprofit group to turn leftover auto materials into warm coats and ...

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    Study: Ford hedging its bets on how much consumers willing to pay for green vehicles

    Ford is taking a cautiously optimistic approach to hitting its target for sustainability and compliance. A new study, and the company's recent sales figures, have revealed to Ford that there are limits on what consumers will pay and what they expect in return. About one in four car shoppers are ...

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    Official: Ford's sustainability efforts include big energy consumption drop

    Ford may be taking small steps when it comes to electric-vehicle sales, but it says it's taking leaps in other areas of environmental protection. In its 13th annual sustainability report, Ford said that it reduced energy use per vehicle by 22 percent in the past six years and will cut energy ...

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    Official: GM's sustainability report highlights conservation efforts

    General Motors met many of its goals to reduce its environmental impact and carbon footprint by cutting landfill use, boosting recycling efforts and reduce water use, the automaker said last week in the first sustainability report it's released since emerging from bankruptcy in 2009. More than ...

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    David Suzuki: Why even electric vehicles won't save us

    Long-time environmental activist Dr. David Suzuki is unconvinced that a huge shift to electric vehicles will do enough to address the impact of our transportation culture. It's clear that simply replacing internal combustion engines with electric drive powertrains will definitely reduce the direct ...

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    Shell Dialogues hosting sustainable transportation, electric cars webchat May 11th

    If you think back ten years ago, could you have ever imagined a day when an oil company like Shell would come forward and openly discuss the emergence of vehicles that operate without a drop of crude? We didn't see it coming back then, but the times they are a-changin'. The Shell Dialogues team ...

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    Renault launches sustainable mobility website

    The Renault-Nissan alliance is pushing forward perhaps harder than any other established automaker with its electric vehicle efforts. Between the French and Japanese, brands they plan to have as many as eight different battery electric vehicles in production in the next few years. In order to ...

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    Drill Here! Drill Now! Pay less!

    Photo by Natalie Maynor Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.It wasn't so long ago that the airwaves and blogosphere echoed with the shrill cry of "Drill here! Drill now! Pay less!" It seemed people were so desperate for the price of gasoline to stop its meteoric rise that they were willing ...

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    Volkswagen of America launches Responsible Mobility micro-site

    Heading into Earth Day, Volkswagen of America has launched a new micro-site called Volkswagen Responsible Mobility that is dedicated to, well, responsible mobility. The premise of the site, which covers all the VW brands available in the U.S., is to promote all the various alternative drive and ...


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