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    Report: Maruti Suzuki may make India's first light-duty hybrid

    Maruti Suzuki could make the first light-duty hybrid-electric vehicle produced in India by collaborating with its sister Suzuki affiliate in Japan, the International Business Times reports. Maruti Suzuki is looking to tread where competitors Toyota and Honda have failed; neither company has had ...

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    Tokyo: Suzuki debuts range-extended Swift EV Hybrid

    Suzuki hit the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show with a small flotilla of green-minded vehicles, including the Swift EV Hybrid. According to the company, most Swift buyers travel between 12 and 18 miles per day, so engineers designed this range-extended EV to cover that distance on pure electric power. A ...

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    For Suzuki, small size and fuel efficiency play role in expansion

    As posted by sibling Autoblog, Suzuki plans to expand its operations world-wide to meet the demand for its smaller vehicles, the bulk being the fuel-efficient Swift compact (pictured) and SX4 Grand Vitara. The automaker, the fourth largest in Japan (after Toyota, Nissan, and Honda) will be ...


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