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    We could have electric buses that recharge in 15 seconds

    First, Swiss watches. Now this. Switzerland is home to a system that will allow battery-electric buses to get their juice in 15-second increments at bus-stop-mounted electric chargers. High-tech, indeed. Switzerland's Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) is leading of a group of ...

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    Report: Could Tesla build EVs in China as soon as 2017?

    A 25-percent import tariff can certainly make an automaker take notice (to wit: Toyota). In Tesla's case, that means getting production capabilities on the ground in China as soon as possible. According to Bloomberg News, that could mean 2017. Or maybe not. Bloomberg, citing comments by Tesla ...

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    Report: WAVE 2014 is an EV rally fit for the Alps [w/video]

    Not like we would need an excuse to join a few hundred friends for a springtime plug-in vehicle drive through the Swiss Alps, but the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) is providing us with one. WAVE is putting on its annual shindig between May 31 and June 7, entrant Green Motorsport says, ...

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    Official: Tesla expands Supercharger network in central Europe

    While you can't drive a Tesla from the US to Europe, Model S drivers on both sides of the pond are seeing a robust Supercharger network. Today, Tesla announced that enough stations exist in central Europe to get a Model S from Amsterdam to cities 500 or 600 miles away in the Alps. As in the US, ...

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    Official: First Tesla Supercharger in Switzerland now ready

    Tesla's Supercharger network is continuing its rapid expansion throughout Europe. Tesla just opened its very first Supercharger station in Switzerland – in the the town of Lully, connecting the routes between Zurich and Geneva. It's located along Switzerland's highway A1. This follows on ...

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    Official: Mindset declares bankruptcy, not happy about it

    For the past few years, Switzerland-based Mindset Holding AG had been planning a sports-car EV that would rival Tesla. You can stop waiting now, since Mindset is declaring bankruptcy after its funding possibilities dried up. At one time, Mindset was talking about a launch date for the E-Motion ...

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    Official: Fisker Karma will enter inaugural Bodensee-Elektrik Rallye in the Alps

    Financial concerns are one thing. No one ever said a Fisker Karma wouldn't look stunning cruising through the Swiss Alps. Thus, it's good to know that the California-based extended-range plug-in vehicle maker will have the chance to show off its Karma luxury sedan across the pond in the ...

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    Official: Mindset E-Motion re-emerges with doubly-dense battery claim

    Remember the Mindset E-Motion? When last we had news of this Murat Günak creation, the folks behind it (Spirt Avert AG, now known as Mindset Holding AG) were seeking 152 million development dollars at a time when many of the world's major economies were sitting on their posteriors, looking ...

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    Report: Switzerland-based Catecar extended-range vehicle is tested in Geneva

    A Switzerland-based company is testing an extended-range plug-in mini-vehicle that it says gets more than 200 miles per gallon and has a single-tank range of more than 300 miles, according to website The company, Catecar, tested a prototype of the vehicle at the Geneva ...

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    Tesla delivers 100th Roadster in Switzerland

    Tesla has delivered in excess of 1,800 Roadsters to customers in more than 21 countries across the globe, including 100 of the electrifying sports cars in Switzerland. That makes Switzerland one of the automaker's leading Roadster markets, on a per capita basis. The Roadster accelerates quicker ...

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    Protoscar Lampo3 is a super electric 2+2 coupé [w/VIDEO]

    Protoscar have unveiled the third generation of its electric vehicle development platform and demonstrator, appropriately call the Lampo3. This newest targa-topped Lampo iteration was built on the knowledge gained from driving the previous two models some 30,000 km (18,641 miles) and is really a ...

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    Angry SAM electric locusts set to swarm out of factory

    If you would like your electric car to have a look reminiscent of a large angry locust, live in Europe and don't have a need to exceed 90 Km/h (55 mph), you're in luck! Though a year later than had been originally projected, copies of the re-engineered SAM should begin rolling out of a Polish ...

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    Green GT offers glimpse of possible future product direction

    Green GT design study - Click above for a hi-res gallery
    The paint is barely dry on their all-electric race car and already the gang at Green GT are thinking about what should come next. The ambitious Swiss-based team commissioned a design study from ISD Valencienne graduate, Thomas Clavet, who ...

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    Cree SAM-Evolution II looks like an angry locust, available now

    If you crave driving an electric car that looks like an angry locust and are tired of waiting for the new version of the SAM that we told you may be coming, this may be your lucky day. We have found one of the original 80 prototypes for sale and, though it may be a few years old, it has been much ...

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    Project Goldfish: world's first solar-powered submarine

    Solar energy and submarines might seem like two things that just don't go together very well. But if a tiny Tango EV can plow snow, then why not give underwater solar a try? A new Swiss project is set to prove that nothing is impossible with a good set of batteries and a solar platform. Project ...

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    Energie Ouest Suisse joins Renault-Nissan in yet another EV venture

    Is it just me or is news about a country + a utility company + Renault-Nissan is becoming more common than getting updates from a major sports league? The latest news comes from Switzerland, where one of the Alpine country's utility companies, Energie Ouest Suisse (EOS - an old plant is shown in ...

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    Swiss proposal would be among the most extreme anti-car laws anywhere

    The Porsche 911 shown above could soon be a thing of the past in Switzerland. The land locked alpine European nation has a direct democracy system like the one in California that allows citizens to put forward legislative proposals. If they can get 100,000 signatures on petitions, the proposals go ...

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    Fiat CEO: Our most realistic way to go green to reduce size

    If you didn't know, Sergio Marchionne is Fiat's CEO. In a recent interview in the French-speaking Swiss media outlet L'Hebdo, he spoke about the bank crisis, Switzerland's politics and his life in Switzerland. But he also talked about the car of the future, that is, the car of the near future.Mr. ...

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    Google tried using Prius hybrid for Swiss Street View, failed

    As a part of Google's never-ending quest to photograph the entire world from cameras mounted on the tops of cars, the Internet giant has added Switzerland to the list of countries covered by Street View. According to this article, Google has hired some 300 new drivers for this project, although ...

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    Switzerland forbids the oil sector to make any environmental claim

    digg_url = ''; First it was Norway, now it's Switzerland: The Loyalty Commission of Switzerland, an advertisement industry self-control agency, has agreed with a Greenpeace petition: from now on, no ...


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