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tailpipe emissions

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    Study: Traffic pollution exposure linked to autism in young children

    Living close to highways has built-in health hazards. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, asthma and carbon monoxide poisoning are two major public health problems caused by air pollution. Now, autism could be added to the list. Exposure to high levels of air pollution ...

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    Official: Driving a hydrogen car on a hot day? Drink the exhaust for refreshment

    Here's an interesting way to look at hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, courtesy of the California Fuel Cell Partnership. In a new blog update, the CaFCP says, "Nothing like a little exhaust from a fuel cell electric vehicle ... water so clean you can drink it." Well, that's the picture text, any, the ...

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    Study: Vehicle emissions down 14% since 2007

    Consumers are now buying cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles, according to something called the Eco-Drive Index that was compiled by researchers at the University of Michigan. In fact, the researchers found that emissions from recently purchased vehicles are 14 percent lower than back in ...

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    The EU to copy heavy-truck and passenger bus emissions rules from US

    The European Commission has started the consultation process for new legislation to reduce particullate and NOx emissions from heavy-trucks and buses tailpipes. This new set of rules will be ready for the end of the current year. The norm, labelled Euro VI, will be inspired in the future by US EPA ...


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