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    Report: Taiwanese taxi group orders 1,500 e6 EVs from BYD

    Taiwan may be small in the grand scheme of things - the island off of China's southeastern coast is slightly larger than Maryland - but it's a big deal for BYD and sales of that automaker's e6 electric vehicle. BYD Taiwan, a partnership between BYD Hong Kong and Taiwan Solar Energy Co., has ...

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    Official: Toyota starts making, selling Camry Hybrids in Taiwan

    On February 15, Toyota began making Camry Hybrid vehicles at a Taiwanese factory owned by the Japanese automaker's Kuozui Motors affiliate and will soon start sales of the mid-size hybrid in that country. The world's biggest hybrid maker will make about 7,000 Camry Hybrids a year at Kuozui ...

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    Two Wheels: Taiwan plans battery swapping stations and free-use electric motorcycles

    Think of it as Better Place lite. The Taiwan government and utility companies have plans to help build 60 battery swapping stations for electric motorcycles – and by "electric motorcycles," they mean either electric scooters and/or electric motorcycles – and make 600 of the ...

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    Report: China's BYD to sell electric eBUS-12s to Taiwan

    BYD may be struggling to launch its electric e6 crossover and its F3DM plug-in hybrid sedan here in the States, but the Chinese automotive juggernaut appears to have no problem lining up sales for its electric eBUS-12 in Asia. Following the signing of an agreement to sell its eBUS-12 in ...

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    Mitsubishi signs electric vehicle deal with Taiwan

    2010 Mitsubishi i-MiEV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Mitsubishi Motors Japan has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with China Motors, Mitsubishi Corporation Taiwan and the Hsinchu County government in the island nation's northwestern region. The main ...

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    Taiwan to become a major exporter of electric vehicles, 1.2 million by 2030

    If you type "Taiwan electric vehicles" (EVs) into Google, you'll see that the number of hits is pretty low. And, if you put the same thing into our site's little search box at the top of the page, you'll notice a similarly small number. Then, if you glance at the headline of this article, you may ...

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    Report: New "smart hybrid" coming to Taiwan in 2013

    A new "smart hybrid" car called the i-EV from the Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) of Taiwan will be produced starting in 2013, according to eTaiwan News. The article is sparse and the English is a little unusual, but we think the vehicle under discussion is an all-electric car ...

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    Mainland Chinese automakers look to Taiwan for EV expertise

    More electric car news from Taiwan. Two Chinese automakers are ready to develop and sell electric cars there. Chery, for instance, has announced the creation of an R&D center in the upcoming "Green Energy Intelligent Vehicle Innovation Park (EV Park)" in central Taiwan. This would give Chery ...

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    Southern Taiwanese island of Liuqiu going gasoline-car free

    Who's going car free? The 2012 Olympics in London, a town in Germany, and some people on one day a year. A tiny island off the coast of Taiwan has decided to join the car-free club, at least to shed the gas guzzling kind. The tropical island of Liuqiu will spend a lot of money – between ...

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    Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium introduces light-electric vehicle

    James Wang, director of the Intelligent Mobility Technology division of the Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium (TARC), believes that Taiwan is the perfect testing ground for small, low-speed electric vehicles. The fact that huge numbers of people live centered around large urban areas means that ...

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    Taiwanese scientists develop ethanol from rice straw

    A group of Taiwanese scientists has developed a project that obtains ethanol from rice straw. The project, successful in the laboratory, will move to a test plant by the end of 2009. Ethanol produced from rice straw is 99.5 percent pure, and does not compete with edible feedtsocks such as corn and ...

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    Taiwan to replace all traffic lights to LEDs within three years

    Have you ever stopped to consider just how many traffic signals there must be in the world? I have no idea, but I know it has got to be a huge number. You are probably aware that CFL light bulbs, those funky twisty ones, use less energy than incandescent bulbs; you may also know that LED's, or ...

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    I don't care what its made of, as long as it works

    Recently it seems that a lot of people have found that you can make biofuels out of just about anything in the world. We've reported on algae, chicken fat and even human fat being turned into biofuels and it looks like the list of organic substances that we're willing to consider for our transport ...

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    U.S. team runs fourth in World Solar Rally

    A University of Minnesota team is celebrating a fourth-place finish in the World Solar Rally held last month in Taiwan. Nicknamed Borealis III, the car ran fourth out of 10 teams. Winning was a team from Japan followed by two Taiwanese teams. Team leader Patrick O'Connor says the vehicle was just ...


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