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tax breaks

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    Official: Budget watchdog warns Tesla Gigafactory fight could be 'race to the bottom'
    Massive Tax Breaks Could Be Used For Something Other Than Corporate Benefits 1409698500

    How desperate are the states in the US Southwest for a Tesla Gigafactory? Maybe a little too desperate, according to the California Budget Project. CBP says that the five states that are vying for the new big battery plant from Tesla and Panasonic are really in a "a race to the bottom from which ...

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    Recharge Wrap-up: Road-tripping in a Tesla Model S, Big Oil's tax advantage
    Zap, Jonway To Make The Most Of China's EV Policy 1407161640

    Zap is poising itself to take advantage of China's extension of its electric vehicle incentive program. The government will be offering rebates on EVs, forgiving sales taxes and licensing fees, installing EV charging infrastructure and other measures to encourage adoption of zero-emission ...

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    Report: Norway's $134,000 tax savings for Tesla Model S are out of this world

    This bit of news about the tax breaks Tesla Model S buyers in Norway are getting from the Norwegian government gets to us by way of the International Business Times via the Norwegian website Budstikka, but even so, there's nothing lost in translation. The reports that Model S buyers there are ...

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    Report: Alt-fuel vehicles generated more than $150 million in incentives last year *UPDATE

    Now here's something that will make fiscal conservatives feel warm and fuzzy. U.S. buyers of new electric-drive vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf battery-electric and Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug in were eligible for more than $150 million in federal and state incentives in 2011, or more ...

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    Ward's columnist makes the case for tech agnostic efficiency incentives

    It's no secret that when it comes to promoting more efficient transportation, the current administration in Washington is all about batteries and plugs – pretty much to the exclusion of all else. In his latest column at trade publication Ward's Auto World, Drew Winter tries to make the case ...

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    UK government unveils £5,000 electric car incentive program

    The UK government has announced a £250 million incentive program designed to get more plug-in and electric vehicles on British roads. The heart of the program is rebates of up to £5,000 for purchases of full electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. This could be good news for companies like ...

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    Japan looking at new tax incentives for hybrids and EVs

    Buyers of hybrid and electric vehicles in Japan could soon get a new break on the taxes they have to pay when buying a new car. Normally, buyers have to pay acquisition taxes that are a percentage of the purchase price and the weight of the car. A bill currently under consideration would completely ...

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    Bills introduced to mandate E85 pumps, cut oil tax breaks, $7,500 PHEV credit

    One of the key elements to the success of ethanol as a fuel in Brazil has been the requirement for all filling stations to have at least one ethanol pump and it looks like the U.S. Congress may finally be pushing for this as well. Currently, only about 1,700 of the nation's 170,000 gas stations ...

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    UK taxes on vegetable oil for vehicles makes it 50 percent cheaper than diesel

    HMRC (the UK Customs office) has announced that users of less than 2,500 litres (around 660 galons) of Pure Plant Oil (PPO or SVO in America) will no longer have to pay road fuel duty. This saves a lot of the price of fuel in the UK and makes PPO available at 52p/liter (with the other taxes ...

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    IRS approves the Nissan Altima Hybrid for tax credits

    Click on the image above for a gallery of high-res images of the Altima HybridThe IRS has officially classified the 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid as eligible for tax credits on alternative fuel vehicles. If you pick up an Altima Hybrid before the end of March you can get a $2350 tax credit, which drops ...


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