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    Report: Hong Kong may get more electric taxis from Nissan, BYD

    Nissan, BYD and Toyota are among companies that may soon be supplying plug-in vehicles to Hong Kong's taxi fleet, the publication Energy and Capital reports. With cabs accounting for more than 18,000 of Hong Kong's approximately 550,000 vehicles, adding plug-in vehicles to the city's fleet could ...

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    Official: BYD will supply 46 EVs to Bogota taxi fleet

    Chinese automaker BYD will soon be running a fleet of 49 electric vehicles as emissions-free taxis in the capital of Colombia. BYD will supply 46 of its e6 EVs to Bogota for what will be the first all-electric taxi fleet in South America. Three more e6 EVs will be provided for Colceincias, ...

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    Report: Better Place's battery-swapping Coda taxis coming to California in 2014

    San Francisco will get a treat of a different kind in 2014 when battery-swapping network builder Better Place starts serving a fleet of electric-powered taxis in the Bay Area, Forbes reports. Using funds from a $3 million grant from the California Energy Commission, Better Place will launch the ...

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    Ride sharing expands car sharing services, competes with taxis

    There's a new niche emerging for car sharers like Zipcar and peer-to-peer entities: ride sharing. The way ride sharing works is that a car owner, perhaps for additional income, offers a ridealong to those willing to pay. Those interested can schedule a ride share through their smart phone. The ...

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    Report: DC-area electric taxi plan runs into opposition

    It looks like one Washington, DC-area cab operator looking to have an all-electric fleet of cabs isn't quite ready for takeoff. Officials in Arlington, VA, unanimously voted against green-lighting Electric Vehicle Taxicab founder Malik Khattak's efforts to go all-Nissan Leaf with his fleet ...

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    Official: BYD will bring 50 electric e6 to London taxi company greentomatocars

    Chinese automaker BYD has reached an agreement to provide London with its first fleet of all-electric cabs. BYD and Greentomatocars signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in which BYD would supply 50 all-electric e6 vehicles for the company's fleet. Greentomatocars, which operates about 300 ...

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    Official: Better Place, Coda an unexpected partnership for airport taxi battery swaps

    Our friend David Herron recently discovered that charging infrastructure supplier Better Place has added another automaker to its international network – Coda – though the company had yet to announce it. Better Place is known for partnering with Renault overseas to expand its network ...

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    Report: For Olympics, London hydrogen cabbies trucked away for 'security' during refueling

    Well this kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it. Since Olympic organizers have shut down London's only hydrogen refueling station, three of London's hydrogen-powered cabs are being shipped – via diesel-powered car transporters – 65 miles away for refueling. Why did they do that, ...

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    Official: Free Nissan Leaf cab rides in London promote electric vehicles

    This weekend, Nissan was accepting Tweets as payment for cab rides in Nissan Leaf battery-electric vehicles in. The reasoning? To boost the profile of its electric vehicles in the UK. Nissan says riders needed to send Tweets that included the hashtag '#6XCHEAPER' and their destination to get a ...

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    Report: BYD: all-electric e6 taxi fire could have happened to anybody

    It's not exactly unusual for a car to catch on fire after getting rear-ended at more than 100 miles an hour. That's the argument that BYD is making on the issue of the most recent setback – that an all-electric BYD e6 taxi in Shenzhen exploded, killing the driver and two passengers, after ...

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    Official: "Solartaxi" DVD about sun-powered circumnavigation now available

    Think of it as the "Endless Summer" for the green set. A PBS-produced documentary about the Swiss teacher who drove his solar-powered taxi around the world has been released on DVD. The hour-long "Solartaxi: Around the World With the Sun" is now available on Amazon for $16.99. The film chronicles ...

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    Ford Transit Connect CNG taxis starting to swing into action across U.S.

    The next time you hail a cab in Los Angeles, CA you could be jumping into the back seat of a vehicle that's fueled by clean-burning compressed natural gas (CNG). That's because California Yellow Cab of Orange County has become the state's first taxi company to put CNG-fueled Ford Transit Connect ...

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    Ford Transit Connect CNG taxis headed to LA, Chicago, Las Vegas and St. Louis

    Ford Transit Connect compressed natural gas taxi – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The next time you hail a cab in Chicago, IL or Los Angeles, CA you could be jumping into the back seat of a vehicle that's fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG). That's because in Chicago, Taxi ...

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    Supreme Court strikes down Bloomberg's hybrid taxi plan for NYC

    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has fought long and hard to uphold a local law requiring all city cab companies to replace their gas-guzzling Ford Crown Victoria sedans with more efficient livery vehicles. A noble goal, no doubt, but the Supreme Court is having none of it. The New York Post ...

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    Turkish taxi of tomorrow design beats Nissan, Ford proposals among New Yorkers [w/video]

    Karsan V1 New York City Taxi – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The people of New York City have spoken, and they've found the taxi designs from both Ford and Nissan lacking. You may remember that the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission recently set about polling residents ...

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    Volkswagen crafts a London Black Taxi for the future

    Volkswagen London Taxi Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Volkswagen is putting it's own unique spin on a London icon. The VW London Taxi Concept, which is built upon the Up! city car platform, is an electric cab with an estimated range of 186 miles. Though the overall length ...

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    Report: Nissan Leaf to taxi into Mexico in mid-2011

    2011 Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Back in November of 2009, Nissan announced that its battery-powered Leaf would head south of the border, landing in Mexico City in 2011, a year or so ahead of its scheduled global launch. The deal laid out plans to have the Mexican ...

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    San Francisco's green taxi fleet and how it got there

    San Francisco is leading the way in reducing taxi greenhouse gas emissions, and part of the movement was spearheaded not by a politician, but by a taxi driver. Thirteen years ago, Paul Gillespie was the first cabbie to occupy the seat allocated to a driver in the newly formed 7-person San ...

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    Go Green Eco Taxi transports passengers in "chic electric style"

    Go Green Eco Taxi
    Plug In America member Sara Bissig and her husband Jimmy operate Go Green Eco Taxi, located in the Woodlands community north of Houston, TX. Go Green Eco Taxi is quite different from your-run-of-the-mill taxi service because the company delivers passengers to-and-fro in ...

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    Surprise! New York cabbies prefer Crown Vics to hybrids

    If it weren't for the somewhat obsessive and frankly narrow-minded love by taxi drivers and police officers for the body-on-frame Ford Crown Victoria, we'd imagine the old Panther platform would have been put out to pasture a very long time ago. As it stands, though, New York cabbies especially ...


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