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    Read This: A detailed look at the dreams and failure of Better Place

    If you've been curious about why Better Place went under, have we got the 8,000-word profile for you. For your weekend reading, check out a detailed history of the company's downfall over in Fast Company. Max Chafkin writes an engaging tale of the ups and downs that Better Place went through, and ...

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    Report: Google CEO Larry Page says his billions should go to Elon Musk

    When you have basically all the money in the world, it can be tough to spend it all. It will be even tougher to spend when you're dead. If you're Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page, though, you already know how you want your money to live on after you're gone: support innovators like Tesla CEO ...

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    Video: Human-powered flight inventor Paul MacCready's TEDTalk

    Paul MacCready, a true green transport pioneer, died recently. has made available a video of a 21-minute talk he made in 2003. The talk has great stories about his amazing career, like the inspiration to create his first human-powered flying vehicle. It seems Paul had a $100,000 debt at the ...


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