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    Report: Nissan working on unspecified improvements to Carwings in Leaf EV

    Fly a little higher, Carwings. Nissan has been using the communication system as a way for drivers of the battery-electric Leaf to do things like use a smartphone start the charging process remotely, check the charging status or find nearby charging stations. The service was one of the tools ...

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    Official: Audi calls R18 E-Tron Quattro its 'most complex race car'

    Technically speaking, Audi's R18 E-Tron Quattro is quite technical. The German automaker says the diesel-hybrid is the "most complex race car" it's ever created. And we'll take their word for it. The Audi, which pairs a V6 turbodiesel powering the rear wheels with two electric motors, is all ...

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    Official: Honda says new driving-monitoring system cuts traffic jams, boosts fuel economy

    Many of us have seen the bumper sticker featuring a gun-toting Yosemite Sam and the words "Back Off." Turns out Honda wants to make them obsolete. The Japanese automaker said it has developed the first-ever vehicle communications system geared to cut both traffic jams and fuel use by monitoring ...

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    Beijing: GM's future in China includes EN-V 2.0; new renderings show light evolution

    General Motors' vision for the all-electric EN-V pod cars has always been to deploy them in the heavily crowded mega cities of the future, so it makes perfect sense that a rendering for the next-generation model was revealed today at the Beijing Motor Show. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the most ...

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    GM, OnStar kick off real-world smart grid tests with Carolina utilities

    At the Plug-In 2011 Conference in Raleigh, NC today, General Motors announced it is going to get into the real-world smart grid game with a new pilot program. The test will involve a number of Chevy Volts and GM's OnStar service. 27 Volts are headed to local utilities and GM says that "hundreds ...

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    Before Nissan's patch, did the Leaf leak driver data?

    Three years ago, Nissan was praised for it's in-car telematics system called Carwings, winning a prize from the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy in Japan. Now, with Carwings coming to the U.S. in the Nissan Leaf, we've found a less positive message about the energy-saving tech. ...

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    Toyota and Microsoft hook up on next-gen telematics

    Toyota has officially announced that it's teaming up with Microsoft. The two have formed a partnership with a goal of developing the next generation of telecommunication and information technology for automobiles, starting next year with the automaker's electric and plug-in hybrid ...

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    Nissan Leaf's CARWINGS keeps you up to speed, puts you in efficiency race

    There's one feature on the Nissan Leaf that hasn't gotten a lot of press, but when new owner Olivier Chalouhi posted about it on My Nissan Leaf, the gathered eco-auto geeks got pretty excited. The feature? CARWINGS. No, it's not an add-on bit of body work for achieving flight, but rather a ...

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    Will Big Brother keep a watchful eye on electric vehicle drivers?

    2011 Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Automotive News' Hans Greimel posted a piece of interest last week titled "Why EV drivers should worry about Big Brother" (sub. req.). Greimel explains that, at least for electric vehicle (EV) drivers, the "all-seeing eye of Big ...

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    Hitachi, Airbiquity team up to develop telematics for electric vehicles

    Hitachi and Airbiquity have announced a partnership to develop new telematics systems aimed at plug-in vehicles. In all likelihood, you've never heard of Airbiquity, but there is a decent chance you've used some its technology. Airbiquity provides much of the back-end communications infrastructure ...

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    Cleaner, more efficient transportation infrastructure better for the environment economy

    Finding the nexus where different groups – hardcore environmentalists and hardcore business-firsters, for example – share common ground isn't always easy. Today, we think we've got one: smarter, greener transportation systems. Thanks to Wired, we find a recent report issued by the ...

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    Fuel-saving telematics industry poised for nine-fold growth in seven years says Frost & Sullivan

    If you don't know what telematics is now, Frost & Sullivan is pretty sure you will by 2015. The word telematics is a blend of telecommunication and informatics, and the way it's being used here is to mean the way cars can communicate with the grid and the Internet. See examples here, here and ...

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    Greenies can shoot for platinum in Nissan's new Intelligent Driver Project UK

    Following the lead of a similar project in Japan, Nissan has kicked off the Nissan Intelligent Driver Project (NIDP) in Europe. The NIDP combines all kinds of technological aids, including telematics, to help drivers reduce fuel consumption. In Europe, the NIDP is an eight-month study that uses ...

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    Nissan Carwings telematics system gets environmental award in Japan

    The Agency for Natural Resources and Energy in Japan has selected Nissan to get the 18th annual Energy Conservation Prize Director-General's award. The award is for Nissan's CarWings telematics system and its contribution to fuel savings. The navigation system that is part of CarWings access to ...

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    VW introduces C3World, "Connected Cars in a Connected World"

    At the second national German IT summit today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is meeting with Volkwagen officials and researchers from Braunschweig, Hanover and Oldenburg universities about VW's new C3World research project. C3World stands for "Connected Cars in a Connected World," which is how ...

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    Connected vehicle test facility to open in Ann Arbor, MI

    Among the technologies being looked at by carmakers as a means of reducing emissions and fuel consumption are vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications (telematics). The idea is that real-time traffic information can be passed around among vehicles in the area allowing drivers ...

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    Big Brother just might help you to consume less fuel (Not a good idea)

    We all know that the carmakers generally hate fuel economy regulations that require them to build specific types of vehicles to meet the standards. The primary reason for that is that if fuel prices drop and consumers rush back to less efficient vehicles (which they inevitably seem to do) they are ...

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    Mazda to take part in Intelligent Transportation System trials

    The Japanese are moving ahead with trials of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Mazda is joining in with trials on public roads around their base of Hiroshima. Mazda will be contributing several dozen vehicles equipped with advanced navigation and communication systems that will be part of a ...

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    Add fuel efficiency by adding brains to your car

    I like the news in this article from Breitbart, but I don't think the way it is presented is ultimately very helpful. First, the news: a study released last week found that vehicles with telematics - communication devices that exchange information with a network about traffic and can help the ...


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